How to Open Your Own Casino with Zerocoin in Just 5 Minutes!

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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The face on the online casino gaming industry is rapidly changing thanks to new groundbreaking technologies like cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and smart contracts. What this means is that the once impenetrable and over-saturated online casino industry is changing, allowing new blood in, transforming the industry by allowing smaller operators to offer a more unique and equitable online casino for all.

Zerocoin is a brand new online casino platform that completely removes the need to include a house edge in online casino games. Traditionally, casino have always includes an advantage, known as a house edge percentage in every casino gaming, including slots, roulette, blackjack and more. The implementation of the house edge has been necessary in order for online casino owners to guarantee a profit off every casino game played and from every casino gambler.

Why ZeroEdge is Different

ZeroEdge is a completely new concept in online casino gambling that runs on an entirely different profit model. In order to play ZeroEdge casino games, gamblers that sign up will need to also invest in Zerocoin, the unique currency which powers the ZeroEdge online casino platform. As more and more online gamblers hear about ZeroEdge and the fact that they can play online casino games with absolutely no house edge, the demand for Zerocoin will increase exponentially.

How You Can Start Your Own Zerocoin Online Casino in Just 5 Minutes

Zerocoin is a white label online casino solution that allows anyone that is interested in starting their own online casino the ability to do so, and in less than 5 minutes. Starting an online casino the old way is very difficult, it requires enormous amounts of capital just to set up the website and acquire some online casino games. To make matters worse, online casinos compete with each other like piranhas, all going for the same customers.

With ZeroEdge white label, you get to start an online casino that is based on an all-new and unique online gambling concept, so the competition is virtually non-existent. In fact, since you are at the forefront of one of the most significant revolutions in online casino gambling, you won’t even have to worry about drawing in customers. Earnings are purely based on the rise in the value of Zerocoin. As we all know, everyone is tired of being exploited by unscrupulous and greedy online casinos, ZeroEdge is like a breath of fresh air. Add to that the fact that ZeroEdge gambling is powered by Zerocoin cryptocurrency and you have a second potential investment stream and another way to generate profits.

The ZeroEdge white label online casino is already set up and ready to go. Unique online casino games including slots, roulette, blackjack and others games are being created, all with a 0% house edge. As more and more gamblers begin to switch to 0% house edge casino gaming and investing in Zerocoin, so the model will grow and expand, taking conventional online casino gambling head on.

Setting up your very own Zerocoin online casino is very easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes to set up under the ZeroEdge domain. Simply click here to begin the process and we’ll guide you through it, step by step.