How to Accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin? Maryland diner tests it out with “To the Moon” Sundae

April 29, 2014 16:07 UTC
The Iron Rail Diner’s co-owners Kim Linn and Terry Linn stand next to a “DOGE Coins Accepted Here” sign.

You may have heard of The Iron Rail Diner, the diner that has become known in the Dogecoin community for its acceptance and embrace of Dogecoin. The Iron Rail Diner is a diner in Maryland which has graciously accepted Dogecoin, along with Bitcoin and Litecoin. The Diner’s co-owner, Terry Linn, is active on the dogecoin subreddit, where he asks for ideas and shares the latest Iron Rail Diner news. Yesterday, Iron Rail hosted a “Dips for Doge” event in which the community’s donations paid for free ice cream for all kids 16 & under. I had the opportunity to speak with Terry:

Why did you choose to accept Dogecoin instead of Bitcoin? Are you considering accepting Bitcoin too?

Terry: Thought the NASCAR thing would bring in curious locals, also because as a casual miner thought it was undervalued and wanted more. And yes we are in a position to accept bitcoins and litecoins. But be happier accepting Doge. We feel it has a brighter future!

How many meals have been paid for in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin?

11 meals have been paid for with Doge None with the other coins and We also given away 3 meals with Doge (and planning many more) donated from the /r/ DogeCoin Community off Reddit.

What method are you using to have Dogecoin users pay? Do they scan a barcode?

We used to generate a Qr code for our diner wallet. Then we use to Convert USD to Doge. Then the Customer scans qr code with their smart phones.

Seems simple. Are you keeping the meals that were paid for in Dogecoin, or are you converting them to USD?

We are keeping all Doge Received in Doge.

Are you worried about Dogecoin losing value, and thus losing money?

At least right now, the amount of advertising the diner has received is well worth whatever Dogecoin we’ve brought in, even if it loses value. I’ve been mining litecoins since early 2012 so I’ve conditioned myself to not take it too hard when a coin takes a hit in fiat value. So far they’ve always come back up, and in a big way.

Do people come in a lot and ask what Bitcoin and Dogecoin are?

Yes we get alot of questions about dogecoins. We do our best to explain it. We have been trying to get a informational flyer together through /r/dogecoin that could be handed out at all doge accepting business.

Have you guys considered adding a Dogecoin-related item to the menu?

We have one we have the Mega Dogeburger and the DogeBurger and adding a “To The Moon” Sundae.

Can you explain these items?

The Mega DogeBurger is 2-8 oz Angus beef patties with bacon, american cheese, fried pickles, and onion rings topped with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and mayo served on a grilled texas toast. Dogeburger is just a single Party version of Mega Dogeburger. To The Moon Sundae Vanilla ice cream dog bone shaped sugar cookie with yellow icing topped with a moon pie and butterscotch syrup.

Much yummy! Good luck.

You can keep up with The Iron Rail Diner news on their Facebook page or their reddit account.

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