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How This Blockchain Startup Is Set to Save the Football Industry

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More Than 80% of the Football Clubs in the World Are or Will Be in Financial Difficulties.

The main reason for that is that Centralized owners are getting in the business for the wrong reasons (publicity, ego, using the club to leverage their other businesses) and are focusing only on the first team and not on the entire club. Most of them fail to understand that football is a business that involves community service on top of the day to day business related activities and the club has to have strong foundations from the youth academy and up.

The CEO. Niv tal, a former football player and today a head of a fan organization, says that the only real solution for that is to bring fans to be more involved in their clubs. Fans involvement will create also a long-term thinking and less decisions as buying one player for 200 million dollars.

Some of the activities that we can find in clubs that fans are involved are taking care of the community through pro bono programs for talented poor kids.

Additionally, fans do not have a platform through which they can be involved in decision making, support or ownership of their team. The frustration among fans many times leads to riots & violence. while raising money for those causes. Football fans will be able to decide on issues such as a player transfer or a coach recruitment, budget allocation while backing those decisions financially. Team management will be able to improve decision making, using crowd wisdom transparency in decision making will lead to enhanced crowd support and a rising number of fans.

Embracement of the technology will improve the dialog between fans and team management, as well as enhance the results of their teams and increase profits. It is a fact that fan-owned clubs have more financial stability (like in Germany – 50%+1  ownership law.)

Lately former world cup holder Gianluca Zumbrota joined the start up with a true belief that fans involvement can really change things, as he sees his ex-team a.c Millan about to bankrupt, ” this could be the solution that we all being waiting for, why not use technology when it can help us grow and progress? “

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