How Blockchain and AI Are Changing the Digital Advertising Landscape

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If you attend digital marketing events and read specialized marketing media, you frequently hear that social media marketing is dead, that Google advertising is money tossed in the trash, and that digital agencies take huge commissions for ineffective marketing. The increasing number of brands on each social platform drives marketing costs up, while non-targeted advertising drives conversion rates down.

According to research conducted by Nielsen, on average digital ad campaigns reach their intended audiences 60 percent of the time, which means 40 percent of those marketing dollars are thrown away. Every player in the industry suffers from this inefficiency. E-commerce businesses see their online sales falling, and mobile app developers see low numbers of paid downloads. Publishers are affected as the number of page views decreases. What many advertisers have in common is a lack of understanding of what is truly working and what is wasteful.

Part of the solution may come from ad exchanges allowing advertisers to make consolidated purchases of ad placement simultaneously from many publishers. However, direct purchases through various exchanges are not convenient for large and medium sized advertisers since they would have to maintain big teams dealing exclusively with ad purchases.

Small and medium advertisers cannot afford paid media tracking and automation tools to effectively track and measure marketing campaigns. Advertisers lack access to the collected user data and minimum insights into what moves these users before they actually convert. The tools that Facebook, Google, and Twitter offer do not give advertisers the ability to fully understand and optimize their advertising.

Advertisers are constantly seeking more efficient ways to spend their marketing dollars. A solution arises with blockchain smart contracts powered through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is changing the business landscape, including the advertising business. As VentureBeat put it, “The future of advertising is AI or die.” As machines get better at extracting insights from complex data, humans will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to make advertising and business decisions.

One blockchain company that is currently using AI to revolutionize digital marketing is Ubex. Ubex uses AI to eliminate digital marketing agencies completely, by tokenizing ad slots and having AI collect key data to make sure buyers can purchase effective digital and social marketing. User ratings and demographical data allow a smooth and seamless transition. They aren’t the only company in this field either. Blue chips like IBM are exploring how AI can profoundly change digital marketing, and startups are popping up around the space at an encouragingly high rate.

Ubex is one of the most promising upcoming companies in the digital marketing space. They are looking to completely revolutionize the marketing industry. To find out more, or to participate in their upcoming ICO, visit

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