hostdime bitcoinHostDime, a global data center provider, announced Wednesday that they are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for all of their products and services.. The company will start accepting Bitcoin at their US and Brazil branches, and then progressively rollout to other branches in Mexico, UK, Netherlands, India, Colombia and Hong Kong.

The decision to start accepting Bitcoin has been motivated by the fact that Bitcoin is available globally. Whether someone is a business person in Colombia, a student in Brazil or a freelancer in India, it is possible to pay and receive payments using Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network. This gives Bitcoin an advantage over credit cards and services like PayPal, which are not available everywhere around the world according to HostDime.


Bitcoin – Currency of the Future

Speaking on the subject, Filipe Mendes, CEO of HostDime Brazil said that Bitcoin is “the currency of the future.” He also added that the company wanted to be part of the Bitcoin “revolution” of the global financial landscape. HostDime, which is a leading data center globally, will also pay distributors, providers and employees who will accept it in Bitcoin, to keep the cycle growing.

HostDime has teamed up with BitPay, to use their platform for Bitcoin transactions. BitPay is the largest global bitcoin payment service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company currently provides payment services for more than 40,000 businesses globally and is processing US$1 million per day in 2014.

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BitPay’s system is integrated with HostDime’s CORE proprietary system that enables clients have a seamless payment experience. When shopping on the HostDime website, the client will simply add items to the cart and select Bitcoin as the method of payment, then transfer funds from the bitcoin wallet to complete the payment.

Other Methods of Payment Still Accepted


HostDime will continue to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Western Union and wire transfers as before. However, the company hopes to expand its reach into countries where some of these payment options are not available, through the use of Bitcoin. Several countries around the world have weak financial systems, notably in Africa and some parts of Asia. With Bitcoin’s global ubiquity, it will be possible to bypass such obstacles to global e-commerce., Inc is a global data center infrastructure provider offering an array of cloud products from managed hosting servers to colocation services that cater to a range of clients, from entry-level to enterprise-level operations. HostDime owns and operates infrastructure and networks in seven countries, with its flagship facility in Florida, USA. Currently, HostDime has a client base of more than 50,000 clients globally spread across six globally dispersed networks.

HostDime Brazil was started in 2006 and has grown to be one of the biggest data center providers in the country. HostDime currently operates two Tier 3 data centers in Brazil. The first is in the northern portion of Brazil in Joao Pessoa; the other is a data center in the southern part of the country in Sao Paulo. Both data centers operate multiple diverse and redundant connections from leading bandwidth providers. Offerings include collocation, dedicated servers, VPS and business hosting all physically hosted in Brazil.

Images from Shutterstock and HostDime.