HoldMe.Io Initial Coin Offering Announcement


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HoldMe.io is an ERC 23 token developed with the goal to establish a crypto network for artificial intelligence and automated chat bot opportunities. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors will be able to work seamlessly within the same ecosystem on the HoldMe platform. We intend to offer users the ability to invest into the world-class technology market, through a cryptocurrency powered by artificial intelligence chat bots. HoldMe users can access the tools without having to spend thousands of dollars on development. This will be maintained for users while they are utilizing the HoldMe token and network. Furthermore, the platform will connect developers directly to businesses and therefore potential clients for their software development.

As of November 1, we are excited to be announcing a strategic token sale to our early investors. With this, HoldMe will be able to offer an established base of users the opportunity to get in early on the HoldMe token system.  This represents HoldMe token system first expansion of operations. Users can purchase the token via the HoldMe website at www.HoldMe.io.  

While our main focus is on new chatbot incubation powered through artificial intelligence, we also cater to the existing business markets to provide support for their needs. Through the use of Social Synergy, the HoldMe community can be utilized to create the large strides in chatbot innovation. We hope with this platform to establish the new hub of successful artificial intelligent chatbot ideas and products. Through the use of the block-chain, we will establish a cryptocurrency which further promotes and develops other concepts, business ideas, and ventures within this explosive niche market of chatbot technology.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about the token and its goals.

Thank you,

HoldMe.io Team