Hive is an “Applefied” Bitcoin Wallet

February 2, 2014 18:53 UTC
Hive may be the most user-friendly Bitcoin wallet to date.

One of the main issues facing Bitcoin right now is its usability by the general public. Although cryptonerds are able to understand how Bitcoin works and why it’s useful, the reality is that your children and grandparents may get confused when they take a look at their current Bitcoin wallet options. Even if someone likes the main ideas behind Bitcoin, they still might stay away from it because of the ugliness of Bitcoin addresses or the fact that they cannot just click on a friend’s name to send them some bitcoins. These are the kinds of issues that can be solved by Hive.

Bringing Simplicity to Bitcoin

When introducing any form of new technology to the world, it’s important to remember that most people aren’t going to care how it works under the hood. For the most part, people just want something that works on the front end. This has been at the core of Apple’s success over the years. Many bitcoiners have said that using Bitcoin is like sending an email, and Hive is one of the first wallets to turn that idea into a reality.

Usability and Security is Almost Here

The applications and devices that can solve Bitcoin’s usability and security issues are almost here, which means we should see more mainstream adoption take place in 2014. Bitcoin is only useful to the mainstream if they can use it in a secure and simple manner, and projects such as Hive and TREZOR are just around the corner. There was a point in time when everyone thought email was too geeky to be used by the mainstream, but some smart developers eventually figured out how to make email as simple as possible. There was a point in time where personal computers seemed impractical because they weren’t easy to use, but now everyone walks around with a powerful personal computer in their pocket.

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