Hire an AI Web Designer with Bitcoin

October 16, 2014 15:32 UTC

TheGrid.io is a new website builder that claims to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take everything you throw at it – videos, images, text, URLs and more – and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you.

“As your needs grow, it evolves with you, effortlessly adapting to your needs. Want to add e-commerce? Social feeds? A different layout? The Grid just takes care of it. This is not a website builder. This is your personal AI web developer. Its first masterpiece is the website you’re looking at right now. Its next one could be yours.”

Websites powered by The Grid design themselves using best practice design principles. For example, algorithms analyze all input media and apply color palettes that keep the layout consistent and unique. The Grid also detects color contrasts, automatically adjusting typography color to maximize legibility.

It isn’t the first time that we hear similar claims, but the management and development teams seem solid, and the website is very well done (of course, they say, with The Grid builder itself).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot and well funded research area, with growing and impressive practical applications. CCN has recently covered AI Bitcoin trading bots and longer term prospects. Key cryptographers central to the development of Bitcoin are also involved in cutting-edge AI research.

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Become a Founding Member, Pay with Bitcoin

The Grid encourages visitors to become “Founding Members.” The service won’t launch until late Spring 2015, with e-commerce capabilities coming at the end of 2015, but Founding Members will be able to start building and testing their AI-powered websites before the official release.

Sites created using The Grid look good and are responsive, so they’ll look great in any size web browser or on mobile phones. They’re also optimized for specific needs, such as driving the maximum amount of product sales, and can be created in just a few minutes. Founder and CEO Dan Tocchini says:

“It’s an easy to update as a social network profile, as easy to customize as Instagram.”

The Grid has been compared to Samantha, the AI heroine of the film Her, in a tweet:

“Now she can even design your website. bit.ly/1sfQtUV #TheGrid”

I guess AI is the future of web design and development. Older folks will regret the mystique of designing and hand-coding a great website, but they will have to acknowledge that the old ways take (much) more than a few minutes and welcome AI-powered automated design.

If you want to become a Founding Member and hire The Grid, once it is released to developers before the public launch, as your personal AI web designer, you can sign up on the website for your one-year pre-paid subscription at the locked price of $8 a month (regularly $25). And you can pay in Bitcoin! (that’s why The Grid surfaced on Twitter and popular Bitcoin hangouts).

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Images from The Grid and Shutterstock.

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