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Clueless Dems Ask Losing Candidate Hillary Clinton for Advice on 2020

Last Updated June 14, 2024 8:51 AM
Stephen Samuels
Last Updated June 14, 2024 8:51 AM

By CCN.com: Hillary Clinton probably shouldn’t be the one giving advice. She’s becoming the biggest impediment to any Democrat’s ability to defeat President Trump in 2020.

The loser of the 2016 presidential election has resorted to giving the 2020 Democrats tips on how to run their campaigns. This would be laughable but for the woman who failed to resonate with voters and was completely out-of-touch with the fact that she was about to lose to Donald Trump.

Hillary, with Bill in toe, has been on a tour that’s failed to generate huge turnouts, so much so that ticket prices have been repeatedly slashed. No matter, the twice-failed president-elect continues to weigh in on politics.

The concern  – three years after Trump’s victory – is that the woman is a distraction. Her audacity to offer up campaign advice is mindboggling.

They Stole the Election From ME!

At one of her speaking tour stops this weekend, Hillary Clinton said:

“As I’ve been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign and you can even become the nominee and you can have the election stolen from you.”

She fails to say which Dems are seeking her counsel.

Oh, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Who stole it from you? The millions of people who voted for Trump? Never mind he was duly elected per the Electoral College, which was devised by the framers of the U.S. Constitution!

Or, was it the Russians who stole it by sprinkling pixie dust on Americans, causing them to vote for Trump. Oh, then again perhaps it was Trump’s collusion with the Russians, which led to those offensive DNC emails WikiLeaks put on blast. Never mind the now infamous Mueller report that found no collusion.

Clinton is positioning herself as being the one to give helpful advice is cheered by some.

The TrumpWarRoom tweeted:

Just Keep It Up

Many found Clinton’s comments to be bizarre considering her hands aren’t clean. They took to Twitter, of course, to call her out.



One thing that gets on folk’s nerves more than anything is other folks who fail to accept defeat.

Manning up and saying: “I lost” goes over much better than what Hillary is pushing. Those that accept it as gospel will help Trump win again.