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Hillary 2.0: Biden’s 2020 Trump Challenge Will Be a Disaster

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: Joe Biden is finally on the verge of launching his presidential campaign, and many swamp-dwellers believe he is the best bet to dethrone Donald Trump in 2020.

However, Democrats should be deeply concerned, as Obama’s ex-VP could turn out to be Hillary Clinton 2.0.

Joe Biden: An Older, Grabbier Hillary Clinton

joe biden scandal donald trump
Joe Biden’s #MeToo moment should prevent him from taking the moral high ground against serial philanderer Donald Trump. | Source: AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

What makes Joe Biden like Hillary Clinton?

Well, it isn’t his popularity. Primarily due to his association with Obama, the ex-VP has a positive public image among left-leaning voters. Practically everyone disliked Hillary . Sexists hated her because she was a woman, feminists disliked her for how she treated other women and repeatedly defended her womanizing husband.

Yes, she won the popular vote, but she faced an opponent who had said “grab her by the p***y” in a recording . John McAfee in a gorilla suit could have won that election.

Bernie Sanders is the Future; Biden is the Past

bernie sanders, hillary clinton
The Democratic party now belongs to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Clinton and Biden are old news. | Source: Brian Snyder/Reuters

The Democratic elites still haven’t learned their lesson  after they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in 2016.

The establishment doesn’t want anyone but Uncle Joe in charge because they want to keep their grip on a party that is lurching left in a hurry. They are prepared to ignore the most passionate and activated voters in states like Texas and West Virginia who would vote for “Gorilla McAfee” just to get sensible and affordable health care coverage .

The Democrats continue to play the “attract the centrists” game, ignoring that modern politics is more about “activate the base.” Face it: the independent from Vermont can do this in his sleep. Sanders is using healthcare to target Trump’s working-class base, and if the recent showing on Fox News  was an indicator, it’s working.

Even Anne Coulter is on board!

Obama’s Ex-VP Has Been Here Before

It’s not like Joe Biden hasn’t tried this before . It’s not like voters haven’t witnessed the ugly results.

He is a messy politician, and he still hasn’t acclimated to the #MeToo climate. The negative press over his allegedly inappropriate conduct is a free lunch for Trump. Just like Hillary couldn’t take the high road over sexual assault and infidelity because of her husband’s reputation, Biden could face similar headwinds.

Democrats claim to look out for working folks, but the party is riddled with the same political and financial elites that rule the Republican party. Remember, Obama was the “peace” candidate who fired more drone strikes  than George W. Bush.

donald trump, joe biden, bernie sanders
Bernie Sanders is the only Democrat who understands why Trump won the 2016 election. | Source: (i)REUTERS/Leah Millis, (ii,iii) Shutterstock; edited by CCN.com

America’s forgotten rural voters don’t expect Donald Trump to make things better. They are just sick of false promises. That is why Bernie Sanders’ “authenticity”  will resonate more than Biden’s all-American smile.

Voters want change, and Joe Biden is most certainly not that. He’s an attempt to return the country to a pre-Trump era and pretend that 2016 never happened. Biden thinks the dusty old-election playbook sitting in Chuck and Nancy’s office remains relevant. Newsflash: it’s not.

He’s going to need more fire than that to take on an uber-Trump who will likely deploy a scorched earth campaign in 2020.

Unfortunately for Democrats, it’s doubtful that Joe Biden is up for the fight.