Hicky (HKY) Officially Partners up with NAGA

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Hicky is excited to announce its partnership with The NAGA Group which has supported the NAGA Development Association Ltd., — the founder of the NAGA Coin (NGC).

The NAGA Coin (NGC), has backing from, amongst others, Roger Ver, a.k.a., Bitcoin Jesus. The Token Sale has raised over $50 million last year, taking contributions from more than 63,000 individual buyers, and building a strong community of supporters. The NAGA team believes in Hicky’s vision and will thus be supporting the team both in advisory and operational capacities.

Hicky.io is a decentralized dating platform built on the public Ethereum blockchain. Hicky’s vision’s vision is to create a dating experience that merges real-life social dynamics with the behavior incentivizing effects inherent in a tokenized economy. Their platform eliminates information security risks while enabling alignment of incentives among all participants of the network.

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The Hicky Token (HKY) is a modular utility token that fuels interactions in the Hicky network. These include the ability to match with other users, the facilitation of encrypted messaging between participants and a system of incentivized user-driven governance.

“We are happy to share what we’ve learned from the Token Sale of NGC in order to replicate such success with Hicky,” said Benjamin Bilski, adding, “and as advisors we are happy to integrate Hicky into our rapidly growing community of early adopters as we move towards mass adoption of the new, decentralized NAGA Ecosystem.”

Important: Hicky’s crowdsale begins on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th. To benefit from the pre-sale bonus (up to 30%), sign up now at hicky.io.

For further information, join their Telegram chat.