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Hey Jets Mystery Fan, Give the Stolen Ball Back to Brian Poole Already

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
  • Brian Poole joined the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Florida in 2016. After three years with Falcons, he joined the New York Jets on a one-year deal in the off-season.
  • During Sunday’s game against the Raiders, he returned an interception for a touchdown – the first pick-6 of his career. But during the celebration, the ball was stolen.
  • Now he needs help to #FindPoolePickSix.

Sunday was a big day for New York Jets defensive back Brian Poole. The fourth-year pro snagged his first interception as a Jet (and fifth of his career). That wasn’t the best part, though. Poole returned the interception 15 yards to the end zone, making it the first pick-6 of his career.

New York already had control of the game, so the points were icing on the cake for the Jets. But it was still a big moment for Poole. Like many players after scoring their first touchdown, he wanted to keep the ball—but there was a problem.

Someone stole it during the celebration. No, it wasn’t the infamous black cat, but it was the guy with the black gloves.


It happens in baseball all the time. Guys hit milestone home runs and want the ball back for their own collection. It’s an important memento of their career, so it is completely understandable. Fans know this and will often barter with the star for something in return, e.g.., autographed gear, tickets, a meet-and-greet, etc.

Poole knows how to play the game and wasted no time making an offer for the return of his ball with the hashtag, #FindPoolePickSix:

Jets DB Brian Poole made his first career pick-6 Sunday but now needs help finding the ball #FindPoolePickSix. | Source: Twitter  

So far, there has been no word on whether Poole has had his ball returned. The guy that has it does not have to give it back, of course. But he would be foolish not to.

Eventually, his identity will become known. When that happens, he is going to be harassed by every diehard fan on social media. They will not quit until he does the right thing.

Ball-Nabbing Jets Fan Close to Being Identified

In situations like this, social media and the media are often more than happy to help out. His name has not been discovered yet, but in time, you know it will be. Poole has shared an image of the culprit with the ball in his hands:

  It is only a matter of time before the man that took Poole’s ball is identified. | Source: Twitter 

In case a signed jersey isn’t enough to get the ball back, Bovada.lv offered to sweeten the deal with $100 in credit. A mattress company  is evening trying to help out. As is a strip club .

A Plea to the Mysterious Jets Fan

Just give him the ball back already. If this were a Darrelle Revis ball, it would not be hard to understand why he’d keep the ball. But Poole is an undrafted free agent making $3.5 million this season on a one-year deal.

He’s good enough to get signed somewhere (if not with the Jets) next season. But he is not a superstar. He could become one in time, and then your unauthenticated ball will be worth nothing.

The gear he’ll give you (which can be authenticated) will be, though.

So, do the right thing, man. The ball is going to mean much more to him than you. Besides, your friends are never going to believe you when you tell them where you got it.

But the one guy who does is going to rat you out for tickets to a game and a used Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey.

Do yourself a favor, man. Give the ball back.