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How to Launder Stolen Bitcoins

Bitcoin’s main problem is that every transaction is public. Such a feature makes it difficult to launder stolen bitcoins. Take this $5m thief as an

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Bitcoin Panic Selling Today

The damage was done to the charts today. These pages have been speculating/forecasting a $316 low for the past two weeks. $316 was broken today,

Bitcoin Advances in Spain and Europe

The great potential for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular to change business practices is becoming a reality all over the world. The United States continues

Did the NSA Outline Bitcoin In 1996?

The NSA was one of the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system. About twelve years before Satoshi Nakamoto published his legendary white paper to

(XMR) Monero Price Trending Downwards

Monero has ranked among the top altcoins since its release in April, even earning its own market as a trading pair on the altcoin exchange

David Orban Explains the Bitcoin Singularity

David Orban is an entrepreneur and a visionary global high technology analyst. He is CEO of the US-based technology platform and services company Dotsub, which

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Bitcoin 2.0 Will Be a Very Big Deal

TechCrunch columnist Jon Evans has written a new article on the emerging “Bitcoin 2.0” phenomenon. He describes “strange, interesting, and wildly ambitious” projects like Zerocash,