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Bitcoin Burger King

Dutch Burger King Accepts Bitcoin

In an effort to promote itself as the world’s most Bitcoin-friendly city, Arnhem in the Netherlands has added Burger King to the list of businesses both

Princeton Releases Bitcoin Textbook

Princeton University’s first complete draft of the Princeton Bitcoin textbook, all 308 pages of it, is now available ahead of the book that is due

Bitcoin 2.0: Fantasy Or Inevitability?

The blockchain – upon which Bitcoin is based – has been the center of heated discussion in recent months. The blockchain is a means of

JP Morgan CEO: Bitcoin is Going Nowhere

Noted Bitcoin skeptic Jamie Dimon was asked about Bitcoin during a recent televised interview. He doesn’t see the cryptocurrency going anywhere, although he does state

How Bitcoin & Litecoin Could Fail

One the most influential inventors of a cryptocurrency doesn’t believe that his invention, or Bitcoin for that matter, are necessarily here to stay. Litecoin was

Are Smart Contracts The Future Of Blockchain?

Will blockchains that various financial institutions are investing in nowadays create “smart contracts” that perform financial services without the inefficiency or risk of intervention created

Satoshi Nakamoto Not Eligible For Nobel Prize

Although UCLA Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry chose to nominate the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, for the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences, it appears The