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Steemit Ethereum hard fork

Ethereum to Hardfork, DAO to Be Dismantled

In what some may consider an incredible show of leadership and quick response while others may criticize as a dangerous precedent, Ethereum developers are proposing

Bitcoin Spondoolies-Tech

Bitcoin Mining Developer Spondoolies Shuts Down

Bitcoin mining equipment developer Spondoolies-Tech has ceased operations this month, CEO Guy Corem revealed. Israeli bitcoin mining equipment developer Spondoolies-Tech, a prominent bitcoin hardware manufacturer


Is Bitcoin’s Civil War Over?

It has been almost a year since the Great Bitcoin Debate, which unleashed Bitcoin’s civil war, was brought to public attention. Now, a year later,

Arcade City Uses Blockchain Tech to Take on Uber

Driver-owned ridesharing startup Arcade City, the developer of an open marketplace where riders connect directly with drivers by leveraging blockchain technology has now launched its