Russia Won’t Ban Facebook’s Libra After All, Hints Full Crypto Regulation

Facebook, Libra, Facebook Libra

According to local reports, Russia will not go out of its way to ban Libra, a crypto asset created by the Libra Association, an international consortium started by Facebook. Alexei Moisseev, the deputy finance minister of Russia, told publications that a legislative framework for crypto assets will soon be formed and Libra is likely to … Read more

Canadian Cartoonist Gets Dumped For Trump Bashing Cartoon

Donald Trump, Trump

A Canadian newspaper fired a freelance cartoonist for a political cartoon depicting Donald Trump tastelessly. As Vulgar As It Gets The cartoon, shown below, depicts a careless President Trump standing over the body of two illegal immigrants. The bodies are intended to directly link to the searing image of dead illegal immigrants Óscar Alberto Martínez … Read more

Jeff Bezos Gets a $38 Billion Haircut This Week with Divorce Finalized

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

After being married to Jeff Bezos for 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos is expected to walk away with a divorce payout of nearly $38 billion this week after the settlement she reached with her soon-to-be ex is rubber-stamped by a judge. This roughly translates into $1.52 billion for every year she was married to the Amazon … Read more

Trump Warns Modi on ‘Unacceptable’ Tariffs as PM Puts India First

Trump, Donald Trump, Modi, India

U.S President Donald Trump sent a stern warning to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday as tariff wars threaten to break out on the Indian front. Trump called India’s imposition of new high trade tariffs “unacceptable”, stating that they “must be withdrawn!”. The President’s tweet comes just days before he and the Indian PM … Read more

Libra’s Dirty Secret: Blockchain Firm Claims Facebook Stole its Crypto Model

By Blockchain company Hedera took an ad out in this morning’s Wall Street Journal thanking Facebook for flattering them with their copycat governance model. The ad reads: “Thank you Facebook Libra. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Facebook: Stealing Logos and Governance Models Since 2018 The move brings to mind Apple’s 1981 Wall … Read more

Facebook’s Crypto Wallet ‘Calibra’ is Coming to WhatsApp in 2020


By The whitepaper of Libra, a crypto asset created by a non-profit organization in Libra Association led by Facebook has been formally released, disclosing key details of the digital asset and the blockchain protocol that supports it. As speculated, Libra will operate as a stablecoin backed by the Libra Reserve and will represent the … Read more

Elon Musk Turns ‘Daddy DotCom’ to Delete Twitter Account Over Backlash

Elon Musk, Tesla

By What could possibly bring the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission together? Elon Musk it seems! Late Sunday, the tech billionaire posted a tweet saying ‘just deleted my Twitter account’. This came after an intense weekend during which Musk was heavily criticized for posting an image created by an anime artist without giving due … Read more

Game of Thrones ‘Deepfake’ Video Rubs Salt in Wounds of Upset Fans

game of thrones

By It seems impossible that the famous “Downfall” video meme would ever face serious competition, but the advent of deepfake videos may de-throne this internet favorite. The latest internet deep-fakery video meme comes in the form of Jon Snow criticizing the final season of “Game of Thrones.” “It’s time for some apologies. I’m sorry … Read more

Facebook Recruits Bank Lobbyist for Regulatory Assist with Crypto GlobalCoin

Facebook, GlobalCoin

By Facebook has just hired a senior UK bank lobbyist ahead of GlobalCoin launch to help the company cope with European regulations. According to the Financial Times, Facebook will employ Standard Chartered European Head of Corporate and Public Affairs Ed Bowles from September as its London-based director of public policy. Bowles leaves Standard Chartered … Read more