Forget Facebook — Here’s Who’s Really Been Selling Your Data


While many people remain at least partially wary of Facebook and other Big Tech giants leaking their data or sharing it with other companies, one government agency has been selling citizens’ personal data from right under their noses. The Department of Motor Vehicles in some U.S. states has allegedly been raking in tens of millions … Read more

Wikipedia Temporarily Taken Down by DDoS Cyberattack


Wikipedia had fallen victim to a cyberattack today, with the foundation behind the free online encyclopedia calling it a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The volunteer-run website was unavailable in multiple countries. Most affected appeared to be those in Europe — including Poland, France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom — and the Middle East. The … Read more

UK Parliament Twitch Stream Is 100 Times More Fun Than Fortnite

UK parliament Twitch

As the UK gets further and further embroiled in the most significant political disaster it has faced in recent history, and the public struggles with the implications of prorogation, the debates held within the hallowed halls of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament are now being live-streamed over on Twitch. Rather than simply … Read more

NASA Bigwig Defies Science, Boldly Declares ‘Pluto Is a Planet’

NASA official calls pluto a planet

By NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine is not impressed with the scientific establishment. Last Friday (Aug. 23), the contrarian boldly declared that – astronomer consensus be damned – Pluto is a planet. My favorite soundbyte of the day that probably won’t make it to TV. It came from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. As a Pluto … Read more

Why Buying Greenland Would Be Trump’s Best Real Estate Deal Ever

donald trump buying greenland

By Though he is no longer active in the day-to-day activities of the Trump Organization, the U.S. president’s reported desire to acquire Greenland could be the most brilliant real estate deal he will ever make – if it comes to fruition. This is precisely for one reason – the vast mineral resources that Greenland … Read more

Watch Fox News Hilariously Crash & Burn Trying to Explain 4chan

fox news 4chan

By It takes roughly five seconds to Google, “What is 4chan?” That was apparently too much work for the intrepid news anchors at Fox News, who instead decided to wing a description of the online imageboard during this morning’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends.” Fox & Friends research concludes 4chan is “a site where … Read more

Flying Soldiers & Nano Satellites: Are France & Macron Going Nuts?

Emmanuel Macron, France flying soldiers

Eager to shed its “dropped once, never fired” reputation, France is assiduously gearing up for World War III. And the latest additions to President Macron’s armed forces will leave even the best military strategist speechless. A “Space Command” with laser-shooting Nano-satellites, an army of science fiction writers, and a Green Goblin-inspired flying soldier are just … Read more

‘Britain’s Trump’: New British PM Boris Johnson Promises to Jam Brexit Through

boris johnson, brexit

In the confusing world of British politics, a new prime minister has been elected following the resignation of Teresa May. Boris Johnson, who has campaigned on pushing Brexit through to its completion, won a solid victory over his primary opponent. He’s been known to be a rather colorful character. Britain’s PM Situation is Unstable Yet … Read more