Trump’s ‘Confusing’ Trade Deal Isn’t Putting Off Beijing’s Top Negotiator

Liu He, Trade deal, China, US

China’s top trade negotiator is ‘cautiously optimistic’ of a deal getting signed. US Congress passed a bill in support of Hong Kong protesters further complicating matters. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill. Despite the mixed messages President Donald Trump is sending out with regards to a Sino-US trade deal, China’s top trade … Read more

Trump to Visit Apple’s Texas Factory as Employees’ Least-Funded Candidate

Apple, Donald Trump

Apple insiders seem to favor a socialist Democrat if campaign contributions are anything to go by. The tech giant’s decision to continue producing desktop computers is a win for Trump. Austin is Apple’ s second-biggest hub after the Cupertino, California HQ. Trump’s visit to Apple’s Austin facility this Wednesday comes at a time when the … Read more

The Trillion Dollar US Credit Card Bubble Nobody’s Talking About

Credit cards, Credit card bubble

American credit card debt hit $1 trillion this year, surpassing 2008 crisis highs. Delinquencies are at four-year highs, while delinquencies at small banks hit record rates. Credit card interest rates are at all-time highs, making it harder than ever to pay back. There are “bubbles everywhere” according to Nobel prize winner Robert Shiller, from stocks … Read more

Bloomberg’s Presidential Bid Could Mean Selling Namesake Media Giant to Microsoft

Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg,

If Bloomberg officially becomes a candidate, selling his namesake company may be his best option. Microsoft makes for a great suitor when you consider the firm’s track-record. Bloomberg is unlikely to sell until he has proven that he is a viable choice for the Democrats. Last week Michael Bloomberg started takings tips toward becoming a … Read more