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June 27, 2014 13:07 UTC

HashTrader is a new community forum by GAWMiners brought into being to give everyone a place to hang out, share and talk about mining and crypto currencies. There are several different facets to HashTrader beyond that as well. HashTrader was created due to the need for there to be a community where people new to mining can join without feeling overwhelmed or lost, something Reddit’s /r/Bitcoinmining is working on as well. It also needed to be robust enough for even the experts to feel welcome. All companies are welcome as well. HashTrader is meant to be a community for everyone.

  • A simple-to-understand, inviting environment for beginners and the experts
  • A place for alt-coins to reside with their own dedicated area for announcements, development, updates and discussions
  • A place for customers to interact with their favorite companies directly, see company announcements and developments


When you first go to HashTrader you will notice it does not have the same old forum feeling. It feels more alive. The threads flow and move with you. It is easy to find new posts and also old. The category features allow you quickly to navigate to where you want to be. All mining companies, Crypto Currencies and people are welcome. Even though, HashTrader was started by GAWMiners, you will see threads from other companies as well as active discussion about several manufacturers and vendors’ products. This kind of open forum makes it easy to use and a great resource. GAWMiners is one of the largest Scrypt ASIC miner vendors worldwide. Josh wanted to take this next step to help the mining community that he sells to and help grow the industry.

HashTrader Forum

When I first went on HashTrader when they announced it a couple weeks ago on June 8th, I was surprised at the new forum software. I have been on so many forums and social media platforms over the years it was a big surprise to see something that was so different from what has been the norm lately for forum software. The interface is clean and responsive. Topics and categories are easy to access on the menu bar across the top. The second thing I noticed was the GAWMiner CEO Josh as well as several other employees being very active on the forum. Josh Garza and his team announce new promotions, status updates and interact directly with the community. This kind of interaction is all done on a scale I had not often seen. Many companies have internal forums, but they usually end up sparsely used unless something is going terribly wrong. On HashTrader, growth has been very fast the last two weeks particularly because all companies’ communities are welcome. I think that the interaction with GAW employees directly is a big draw. ZenMiner’s own Eric is very active on the board and helps customers directly by answering questions and letting everyone know when they make changes to ZenController. One of the biggest resources on HashTrader is its users. Despite only being in operation a few weeks, it has drawn experts in mining software and hardware as well as novice users all sharing and helping each other.

HashTrader has another feature that makes even more useful GAWMiner customers. If a GAWMiners customer has posted about a problem with their equipment not only is the community there to help, GAWMiner’s employees are also there. If they see a problem that needs escalation to a service ticket, they can do so from within the forum. The escalation feature will allow for even more personalized and fast service by GAWMiners for their customers. You can see many examples GAWMiners and ZenMiner employees jumping into threads answering questions, helping with problems and getting things done for customers. HashTrader.com, a place for all coins, miners, companies and people from beginners to experts to connect and grow together. Hast Trader is also working on many new and exciting features that will be rolling out in phases. Josh Garza of GAWMiners like his customers is a crypto currency fan and miner and is creating a fresh start for the coin and mining community that will open up the world for everyone.


GAWMiners is known for being one of the largest Scrypt ASIC miner vendors worldwide. Josh wanted to take this next step to help the mining community that he sells to and help grow the industry.

When I asked Josh about making this an open forum for not just customers but also other manufacturers and vendors, he had an interesting response.

The Falcon 27+ mh/s Scrypt ASIC Miner

For the mining hardware industry to expand and be profitable, it needs more than one or two manufacturers and vendors. It needs many and as they grow the industry grows, and we all grow. I do not need to GAWMiners to be the biggest, but I want our industry to be the best and to do that we need a healthy strong group of manufacturers and vendors. As they grow we all grow. Hash Trader gives a new innovative platform that we can all benefit from as it will bring the novice miners in touch with the experts. The manufacturers and vendors in touch with them all on a personal level. It will foster discussion and innovation in a safe environment that you can trust. When you take a look through the categories, you’ll recognize some familiar names – from coins to companies. These are some of the various groups we’ve invited already and are continuing to reach out and add more every day. For adding other groups, whether coins, companies or anything else, we will let you decide through a poll and/or submission form and the ones that get the most votes every few days will be added and invited to moderate their own section. HashTrader is a place for everyone to meet, share, discuss, learn and educate. We are inviting everyone, and everyone will benefit. We can’t wait to see the growth of the forum and our community!

I have noticed you personally respond and help people on HashTrader besides just making announcements. How important is it to you to be able to interact with your customers?

It is very important to me to be able to interact with my customers because they are the ones who have made GAW what it is. Without them, this goes nowhere. I also get to see different points of view that I do not see on my side of the space. Customer feedback is what will drive us forward.

On HashTrader, you frequently give updates of the behind the scenes workings at GAWMiners. I think that is a great idea. Are you ever worried about sharing too much?

I feel that it helps our customers better to understand what we do and go through for them. Over sharing can be bad yes but without sharing things like I did with you about Gridseed then there can be so much misunderstanding. This way our customers know we are doing everything we can for them and just what that is. It is nice because they are part of GAWMiners, and this is a partnership for us with our customers not just a business.

I know you have many things in store for HashTrader are you ready to share any of those now?

You are always asking for more. LOL Not right yet but they will be big. You have not seen anything yet. We have some great things in store for our founders and all customers. HashTrader is going to be a key part of it with many exciting things lined up.


Overall I like HashTrader. It has many great features and the interaction of GAW employees as well as ZenMiner is a welcome sight. More and more people are joining every day from the mining world. I like the fast interface of the forum, it does take some getting used to though as many forums are much different. So it can be a bit overwhelming at first if you are used to a different forum style. While it is open to all companies not many have joined yet. I would like to see more companies and vendors join. It is another venue for them to interact with their customers. The escalating of service issues that GAW and ZenMiner have enabled on HashTrader is an excellent use of the forum. I know customers who felt like they were not being heard elsewhere or through normal channels are being helped here and quickly.  HashTrader more than just a forum, it’s a community for growth and ideas. A place to discuss the newest in miners and coins or tweak your current miners.  I have enjoyed my interactions on HashTrader and I look forward to how it is going to evolve in the future.

Disclosure: The writer has received mining equipment in the past for review.

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