HashGains to Bring Cost Effective, Clean Energy for Cryptocurrency Mining


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As cryptocurrency expands at a rapid rate, cryptocurrency mining equipment consumes increasingly massive amounts of electricity. The cost of this equipment and its expansive mining farms undermines the very purpose of cryptocurrency – decentralization.

One cryptocurrency transaction presently calls for the same electrical output required for powering nine U.S. households for one day. While miners install more high-speed computers, the total computing power of bitcoin’s server is presently 100,000 times higher than the 500 fastest supercomputers of the world combined.

To meet the world’s rapid embrace of cryptocurrency, mining services must be reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. HashGains, a project of Futuristic Internet Services LLC, plans to offer a cloud-based, environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining service that reduces the amount of energy required.

Cloud mining, which utilizes shared power to mine cryptocurrency with no need to manage the hardware, allows a client to purchase a yield of cryptocurrency mining equipment, which is situated in remote server farms, with all mining done remotely. The only customer requirement for cloud mining is to have a personal computer or a smartphone with a connected cryptocurrency wallet app.

Using the most advanced ASIC and GPU machines, HashGains has already achieved 99.99% uptime, safely and securely, without the use of fossil fuels.

Mega Cloud Mining On The Way

HashGains’ expertise in data centers and cloud technology will enable the delivery of mega cloud mining projects where highly sophisticated software automatically places customer orders in combined cloud capacity and delivers returns based on changing levels of difficulty.

Mega data centers can maximize profit and minimize costs while tapping the advantages of low power consumption, usage of renewable energy resources and reduced environmental impact.

HashGains will utilize solar and wind power, both renewable energy sources, to power its mining operations.

Futuristic Internet Services LLC, backed by IT major Cyfuture, brings 15 years of experience in running and managing data centers with more than 50,000 customers, including 10 of the Fortune 500 companies. HashGains has already garnered 10,000-plus customers who can buy hash power to support cryptocurrencies.

Mega Data Centers Planned

To reach its goal of serving 1 million customers by 2019, HashGains will build mega cloud mining data centers in India and Canada, the hubs for solar and wind power that provide clean green power at highly competitive prices of $0.06/kwh, which is half the typical costs for rest of the world. This not only brings a great competitive advantage, but also allows for further expansion.

While future ASIC and GPU machines are expected to be more power efficient, HashGains will be able to accommodate the future devices in its cloud mining data centers.

HashGains expects $30 million in ICO proceeds to allow the company to create its own mining pool and generate hash rates of 100 peta hash per second (100 PH/s), which will establish itself among the top 10 bitcoin mining pools and top five miners in world.

After going live in the month of July 2017, HashGains’ initial hash rate was 2 TH/s on X11 and 1.5 PH/s on the SHA-256 algorithm. Then, in September 2017, HashGains acquired around 10,000 customers and enhanced its data center capacity to 2.5 GHS/s on ETHASH, 3 TH/s on X11, and 2.5 PH/s ON SHA-256.

Automatic Payout And Setup

HashGains’ platform features automatic payout and setup.

There is no lead time for mining since HashGains mining begins within 24 hours of customer signup.

Payouts begin as low as 0.005 BTC.

HashGains offers full mining transparency with a live dashboard and mining calculator that instantly checks returns.

The company’s revenue is expected to grow more than 100 times in the next five years, with a projected valuation of $1 billion.

ICO Coming

HashGains is offering a total 35 million tokens for sale, with its main sale scheduled for March 2018.

The tier 1 will be offering 12.5 million tokens, offering a 20% discount or $0.80 per token. The tier 2 main sale will be March 10 to March 25, offering another 12.5 million tokens at $1 per token.

HashGains expects to generate revenues of around $50 million in its first full year of operations, thus boosting the price of its token.

Join HashGains Telegram: https://t.me/hashgains

Download the white paper: https://www.hashgains.com/ico/documents/hashgains-token-whitepaper.pdf

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