HashCoins Provides High-End Bitcoin Mining Equipment to Estonia and the World

hashcoins bannerHashCoins is an Estonian Bitcoin company that produces high-end Bitcoin mining equipment at a highly competitive price/performance rate. HashCoins has delivered multiple generations of Bitcoin mining products and is excited to offer new boards and chips in their continuing drive to become the best manufacturer on the market, consistently offering customers a high return on investment.

HashCoins is comprised of an experienced team from Estonia that focuses on taking hardware and making it reliable while using outstanding software that has been tweaked to exceed previous implementations. Most of their customers are premium miners that value their time and money. Like many other Bitcoin mining companies are figuring out, keeping customers happy (in the form of upgrades and compensations for lost time due to manufacturer delays) means keeping customers loyal: a solid business proposition.

HashCoins Representing Bitcoin In Estonia

HashCoins has been Estonia’s premier Bitcoin company for almost a year now. While many Bitcoiners have the benefit of being in large cities or countries with large groups of Bitcoiners to provide infrastructure, some Bitcoiners live in the far reaches of the world. Arguably, these individuals are the ones that need properly designed ASIC miners to host at their residences. For users in Estonia or neighboring countries, the largest manufacturers are unable to ship miners to them at a competitive cost. As such, the most local companies, such as HashCoins, are able to provide for the local Bitcoin community in more ways than one.

The Republic of Estonia is located in Northern Europe and is considered to be a high-income and well-developed country in Europe. In fact, Estonia has often been recognized as one of the most wired countries in Europe. Keeping with that trend, Estonia is becoming a European mining powerhouse with a local focus. HashCoins has been going to local European Bitcoin conventions to show their face and promote their legitimacy, a move that has been appreciated by the community.

Images from HashCoins