HashCoins Provides Hosted Mining Services You Can Trust

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Hacked.com. Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.


Premium-class mining equipment manufacturer “HashCoins” offers hosted mining at the best prices

HashCoins provides premium hosted mining services that are best known for their high level of the professional service. HashCoins is committed to continually improving its products and services, making it more accessible to consumers. And their ability to continue providing all the comprehensive service and attention to detail throughout difficult times in the industry proves the power of their dedication to excellence.


In order to whether economic storms, you need to see potential issues, and have plans to work around them, and even win by attrition. Many competitors have come and gone, yet HashCoins has remained at your side as a pillar of the mining community. By optimizing production for efficient running costs, while reducing price in the face of narrowing margins, HashCoins is now able to offer its customers the best price for services without losing quality, and has grown stronger for their efforts.

hashcoinsThe company offers many convenient contract options for the purchase of equipment into ownership. Hosting services are built on one years contracts, for both beginners and professionals alike. Rates range from 1 to 100 TH/s, depending on your size and custom-built to fulfill your mining needs. Upon expiration of the contract, HashCoins will gladly offer a new suitable package with options to extend the contract, as needed. Alternatively, the company will send a miner to your home, or purchase the equipment at the market price.

We spoke with Nikolay Pavlovsky of HashCoins for more information on how their service is working so well in an industry that is going through such a difficult economic stretch

Can you go over some of the advantages of using your service against your competition?

We have a wide spectre of European-quality cryptocurrency mining equipment, covering both major algorhitms (SHA-256 and Scrypt). HashCoins values its customers and always provides personal solutions whether any issues occur or not. And you can also visit our office for a coffee. 

Can you describe the target market of who would be best suited to using Hash Coins going forward?

We have done our best to provide a choice for a broad range of customers: both retail and wholesale; both starters and professionals. It is worth noting that we have also taken care of a specific market segment: customers, who would like to acquire ownership rights to the equipment but at same time would prefer hosting it in a properly maintained data-center. We provide hardware purchase with a hosting contract for this consumer group.

Many mining and “cloud mining” companies have suffered major losses, and even closed operations, due to the recession in value Bitcoin is going through. How has this affected your company and how are you protecting your feasibility in the future?

At HashCoins, we believe in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general. Which is why we measure everything in BTC. In more detail, we have improved manufacturing procedures and subsequently reduced the cost of the equipment. The recent fall of Bitcoin in no way hinders the company.

Do you specialize in BTC, or do you work with any other digital currencies?

We mine primarily BTC, and additionally we scrypt cryptocurrency forks

There are also affiliate opportunities if you would like to work directly with HashCoins mining services. Please see their website for more information.