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I Hope Prince Harry Finally Accepts What We Know of Meghan Markle

Last Updated September 24, 2020 11:33 AM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 11:33 AM
  • We’ve often looked at why Meghan Markle jumped from a celebrity chef to a British Prince and discussed the cynicism behind it.
  • What about Prince Harry, though? What does he get from this relationship?
  • And more importantly, why has it not lived up to what he imagined it would be?

Fans of the monarchy have often scrutinized the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

But, that scrutiny usually looks at potential ulterior motives that Meghan may have had for pursuing Harry.

The relationship history of Meghan Markle is something I’ve looked at in detail before, which doesn’t paint a great picture of the Duchess of Difficult.

She comes across as a social climber, using men to increase her career-potential and earning ability.

But, what about Prince Harry? Are we to believe he was simply a gullible man duped by the winning smile and US accent of the former Suits star?

Prince Harry has long compared himself with his older brother

As most younger siblings do, Prince Harry has undoubtedly spent the majority of his life looking up to his older brother.

How many young men are in the position of having a future King and beloved public figure as their brother? That cannot have been easy for Harry.

While he’s burned through relationship after relationship and has seemingly veered close to going off the rails with behavior ranging from childish to downright offensive, his brother has carved out the reputation as the perfect gentleman.

Prince William is the boy that most mothers would love their daughters to bring home for dinner, while Prince Harry is the wayward sibling who’s never quite found his way or established his path.

Prince Harry was playing gooseberry for years in the eyes of royal fans. | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle came along at a time when Prince Harry needed stability, and she knew that

Katie Nicholl is a royal commentator. While speaking to ET Canada  about the upcoming bombshell biography on the former royal couple, she said a few things that caught my attention.

Nicholl mentioned that Prince Harry feeling like a third wheel  with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton is a constant throughout the book.

She commented:

One of the themes that seems to be recurrent in Finding Freedom is that Harry felt very much like a spare wheel. While the media loved this idea of a royal threesome (Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry), for Harry, he very much felt like a spare wheel. At points [in time], I even heard him complaining that he felt like the gooseberry, the third one along at the date. He never quite fitted in.

Could it be that as much as Meghan Markle may have engineered her way to a relationship with someone of the social standing Prince Harry has, the younger Prince was also looking for someone exactly like Meghan at the same time?

This fan got his wish eventually! | Source: Twitter 

As many have said, Prince Harry isn’t entirely innocent in the circus that this relationship has become. He’s getting something out of it as well.

The problem for Harry is that Meghan Markle isn’t Kate Middleton

It’s entirely plausible that Harry has seen how Prince William is looked at by the British public and the life he has with Duchess Kate Middleton. He may have wanted something similar for himself.

Upon meeting Meghan Markle, he possibly believed that he would be treated in the same way, especially after the reaction to the royal wedding was mostly well-received.

It didn’t take long for frustration to set in, though, when Prince Harry quickly realized it wasn’t going to plan.

Although the younger Prince will refuse to admit it, the reason for the difference in public reaction is quite simple – Meghan Markle isn’t Kate Middleton.

Don’t get me wrong, Malibu Meg has done her best to try and measure up, but Kate Middleton is a special woman. She’s carried herself with class and dignity for years now, facing down media attention that was unflattering with a steely determination that most other women don’t have.

Best of all, she’s done all of this without a hint of arrogance.

Meghan and Prince Harry cannot accept the situation they find themselves in. And for this reason, we see numerous excuses thrown out there why Meghan Markle hasn’t been looked at in the same vein as Kate Middleton.

When we cut through the noise, though, it’s clear as day. Meghan Markle simply isn’t Kate Middleton. And that is something Prince Harry cannot accept.

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