British Money Printing Heir Turns to Printing Digital Money in ICO with Blockchain Developer and US VC

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The ninth-generation heir of what is the largest money printing businesses in the world, Harrison & Sons, has teamed up with a US venture capital firm and a Blockchain developer in Asia to list the world’s first decentralised hedge fund in an ICO.

Monkey Capital is the latest in a line of ICOs of incrementally larger sizes in recent months. The difference is that this one has even got the mainstream press taking Crypto listings seriously, with some speculating that Monkey Capital will raise up to a billion dollars, a result which would make the token the first 10-figure crowdfunded campaign in history.

Daniel M. Harrison, who owns DMH&CO, a Family Office with investments in media and technology, pubic companies and Blockchain assets, partnered up with Columbus, Ohio-based LOUD Capital and DX Markets, a Singapore Blockchain developer earlier this year. Combined the group established a new entity called Monkey Capital, which aims to “generate profits by engaging in creative destruction” according to the company’s website.

While that may sound on the ambiguous side, a closer examination of the projects that Monkey Capital lists in its White Paper as potential investments certainly seem like really high-quality investments. For instance, there is a proposed investment in a supplier of parts for SpaceX rockets and even a hostile takeover of a London Stock Exchange listed public company. The fund will also make Crypto investments where it says it will invest in the “network infrastructure” of Blockchain developments at the same time speculating on the coins that are being traded off the same network being improved and upgraded with the investment cash.

“The whole point of Monkey Capital is to push the financial evolution dial a little more in the direction of the next decade by employing ICO funds to double down on innovation and weed out useless management teams with no backbone who are just sitting on top of really great companies,” Harrison told CCN in interview.

“That is the only way we will get to the point where there is a constant and total reenergising of economic progress and that is what will be required in the semi-real, semi-virtual reality lifestyle we will eventually inhabit,” he added.

Asked to give some specific examples of companies and industries where Monkey Capital would focus on, Harrison offered his family’s legacy industry as an example and also pointed to hydrogen cars as a possibility for Monkey Capital.

“Printing in 3D is coming into its own now much more frequently in a commercially available way, just like more money is starting to get spent building beautiful functioning hydrogen vehicles as opposed to just being ploughed into manufacturing cheap and nasty third-world made defective metal box carriages. At the same time, when you innovate at this scale however, you need to keep cashflow consistently strong so you can constantly reinvest in the process that is improving the underlying product which is massively cash intensive and not at all predictable. This is something that the co-operative that makes up Monkey Capital is collectively very, very good at doing.”

ICO Preparations 

Monkey Capital’s ICO will begin on July 15th at 12.00 UTC and will end a month later on August 15th. The listing made ICO history at the start of July when it was granted the first ever Platinum investment rating handed out by, which last month became the world’s top token listing site ahead of Token Market.

“The more you talk to Daniel, the more you realise what a great opportunity Monkey Capital is: from SpaceX contracts to plans for providing value to all ICO participans,” Alex Michaelis, co-founder of told Cryptocoins News in an exclusive interview. “The Monkey Capital team sees every stakeholder as equal partners, and really try live by the mantra ‘if you succeed, we all succeed’.”

So far, Harrison has been extremely active in the company’s Slack, which is drawing in increasing crowds by the day. Harrison tends to discuss what is on his mind as much as the ICO itself. For example, when he was asked why the company was called Monkey Capital, Harrison replied:

“So the company was founded in the Year of the Monkey (last year). Further, I am a Monkey under Chinese astrology, so I liked the whole significance of it (1980; I am 37). Further still, it’s a kind of strange zodiac sign in that it’s very compatible with only certain other zodiac signs but one of those is the Rooster (this year). So I thought; if we are realistically going to have this company come together next year (because deals and things when they are done properly always take a year at least; and that is if you are super fast) then it will be a good omen and auspicious to have the Monkey working in the Rooster Year. Then on top of that I liked that when you took the K out of Monkey you had Money as a word insofar as Crypto was concerned, and also I liked the fact that it was a bit playful and counterculture.”

Unlike many CEOs of ICO companies, it is clear that Harrison does not try and please the crowds and nor does he seem scared of fighting with potential investors either. The abrasive but honest tone of speech of the company’s CEO has won Monkey Capital significant popularity in the Crypto community over the last week and is a contributing factor to the token’s prominent status at the top of the leaderboard of forthcoming ICOs.

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