What happens in Vegas can be paid for in Bitcoin – Bunnies Now Accepts Bitcoin

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6 years ago

Las Vegas has been a hub of Bitcoin activity recently. With the Inside Bitcoin conference taking place there before heading to New York City, we’ve seen plenty of tech-savviness from ‘Gambling capitol of the World’ but what’s the latest you can get for Bitcoin?

Bunnies, yes. Your Bitcoin trip to ‘Sin City’ can be assisted with the services of the Bunnies of Las Vegas. They announced on Wednesday their embrace of the CryptoCurrency, saying “Tech-savvy consumers are as into their Bitcoins as they are their Benjamins. It is time such consumers have an option to use Bitcoins for adult entertainment in Las Vegas.

One of the benefits of this is that Bitcoin offers users a higher level of privacy and security. Considering how a trip to Vegas may be for some, this could be a huge boon to wayward travelers. Don’t want someone to know what you spent in Las Vegas? Well, thanks to the pseudo-anonymity of the wallet system, no one needs to know!

Of course, US regulations may be sticking their noses into this. Bunnies will still be obligated to follow business practices and tax guidelines of which I asked them in an email:

How will the recent IRS tax guidelines affect your establishment?

“While I can’t speak on behalf of the owner in regards to the recent IRS tax guidelines, I can tell you that the outcall entertainment industry or more commonly referred to as the escort industry has had it’s fair share of government legislation both passed an un-passed that try to impede the rights of individuals and or businesses, the un-passed legislation only came to being because of supporters that were not in the industry, but understood that passing certain legislation was unconstitutional. [S]o “Bunnies jumping into bed with Bitcoin” makes sense not only from a business point of view but also based on a common historical principle which goes to show that the government works for the people not the other way around…”

[N]ow, more then ever, it’s important for companies and individuals to show more support of Bitcoin by simply offering to accept it as a payment option to their customers. As things are currently in a constant flux with Bitcoin and laws, what we’re doing presently is: at the time of the transaction record the Bitcoin amount and USD exchange value. If the client wishes to keep this for their records we offer that at the time of transaction to the client via email. This type of recording isn’t something new to us or our industry or at least that here in Las Vegas, NV is required to document in this way for cash and credit card transactions, so for us it’s simply a matter of adding a new payment option.”

Who will be processing these payments?

Bips.me is the merchant of choice, I believe.”

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Illustration by Dana Lipnickas of CCNMoney

Interestingly enough, Las Vegas has become somewhat of a hub of Bitcoin activity. Aside from the big Inside Bitcoin conference, Bitcoins are making a lasting impression ont he business landscape here.

Earlier this year, The Golden Gate Casino and Hotel as well as the D Las Vegas Casino and Hotel became the first known US gambling brick and mortar establishments to accept the digital currency that not only can pay for gambling, but can pay for hotel rooms and related purchases.

George Greenberg of Las Vegas became one of the first Bitcoin lawyers. As a Bitcoin Attorney, he works to help clients navigate the emerging legal world of cryptocurrencies.

Also, Robocoin, recently noted for being the creators of the Bitcoin ATM that Senator Jared Polis (D-CO) exhibited at Capitol Hill on Wednesday, is based in Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoins in Vegas? Are you considering a risque Bitcoin Bachelor Party now? Tell your thoughts in our group discussions here or in the comments below.

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