Hackers Attack Script.cc Following Server Upgrade; Mining Site Expects To Resume

June 28, 2015 20:13 UTC

Hacking attacks occur at the least opportune times. Script.cc, a mining site, ran a server upgrade and later found its database had been breached. The company hopes to be up and running soon after moving to a new server following the attack that emptied its wallet.

Script.cc recently posted a notice advising customers they are running audits on all accounts and once the accounts have been verified, account holders will be able to log in.

ETA: June 30

“Our ETA stands at June 30th if everything runs smoothly, once we ‘relaunch’ all user balances will be available for withdraw,” the recent notice states.

Current mining rewards are being used to recover some of the losses. We will update once we’re on the new server, Take care!

Marcelo Santos AKA Admin stated on June 22 that the database was breached and the hacker credited himself BTC and KHS and withdrew BTC until the bitcoin wallet was empty. “He then proceeded to make suspicious orders in the market in which the market automatically turned itself off,” he said. This activity sent an alert to the support staff, one of whom enabled the “panic” mode that put the whole site on lock down. “But the hackers still managed to gain access and steal the coins from the hot wallet and the backup withdraw wallet.”

The notice did not say how much bitcoins the hackers stole.

We had a large amount of BTC stolen, most of which were ours.

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June 24: Hackers Return

The company advised customers not to deposit any funds since the hackers still had access to the site. On June 24, the hackers returned and cleaned out the databases and taking the cat room with it, the site reported in an update. “That doesn’t affect us at all since we have many images of the database before the attack,” the site noted.

Cloudminingreviews.com, a mining review site that invites people to compare and find the best miners, ranks Script.cc as its fifth among its top mining sites. It gives the site five out of five stars for cost, four and a half stars for reliability, and sour stars for support. There are seven customer reviews.

Lester Coleman is a media relations consultant for the payments and automated retailing industries.