Haasbot 1.1 Bot Trading Bitcoin Exchanges for Profit

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The release of Haasbot Bitcoin Trading Bot 1.1 brings a host of new features to the already avant-garde service.

Haasbot is a subscription-based service that has offered bot trading Bitcoin and over 500 Altcoins across the major exchanges since May of 2013. Last November, Haasbot v1.0 introduced bot features unseen in the crypto trade community – internal arbitrage and order bots.

The latest release is also a metric for Haas’ commitment to continuously release new features for their platform. Users have access to beta releases and their feedback on the latest software releases incorporate their feedback

Unlike cloud mining services or unregulated securities that advertise expected returns, bot trading Bitcoin with Haasbot provides no guarantees. In fact, Haas is very transparent about risk:

First, you are speculating on one or more cryptocurrencies, which are highly volatile and speculative markets. There is an inherent risk in speculating cryptocurrencies, which may collapse at any moment due to a security flaw that may be exploited… it is up to you how you want to automate [Bot Trading Bitcoin] your trading strategies… our software is merely a tool for which you can automate your cryptocurrency trades

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Bot Trading Bitcoin with Haasbot, Now Offering:

Haasbot now includes support for Virtex Exchange; Leveraged trading on Bitfinex and a Sandbox API to test your scripts before unleashing your latest minion on an exchange. As well as general performance updates that affected how the software interacts with exchange APIs.

Another feature in the latest version of Haasbot is a Local Cache Server. Storing exchange data in a local cache allows you to test your trading strategies without sending queries to an exchange. Haasbot includes a backtesting feature to see how your strategy would have performed using historic Bitcoin pricing data. If that isn’t enough, the Autotune feature will attempt to make a “ballpark” setting in your trade strategy. All of your tests can be run locally, on your machine.

Haas hosts a user forum and wiki with full walkthroughs for all of their bots and features. New users interested in bot trading Bitcoin on their favorite exchanges won’t have to learn to program or be a finance major to create a trading strategy – though it probably wouldn’t hurt.

Bot trading Bitcoin and other altcoins with Haasbot starts at .15BTC for three months of service. The Beginner License supports two order, trade, and arbitrage bots – six total. Anyone looking to dive in headfirst with an army of digital bots trading Bitcoin and other currencies can select the Advanced tier for .3BTC.

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