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Gwen Stefani Loves Country Now – Can We Have No Doubt’s Singer Back?

Published September 23, 2020 7:45 PM
Hannah Wigandt
Published September 23, 2020 7:45 PM
  • Gwen Stefani has just received her first CMT nomination for her and Blake Shelton’s music video for “Nobody But You.”
  • She’s been in the country world for a while now and has seemingly forgotten her rock roots.
  • What happened to No Doubt’s singer? People want her back.

Once you go country, you never go back. Just ask the once-rocker, Gwen Stefani.

Stefani got her fame from being the front-woman of No Doubt, but that woman is nowhere to be seen.

Will she ever be back, or has she become a Carrie Underwood wannabe?

Gwen Stefani Has New Nomination

Stefani has earned her first CMT nomination  in the Collaborative Video of the Year category for her and Shelton’s music video “Nobody But You,” which now has 45 million views on Youtube.

This is their fourth collaboration since they started dating in 2015. Their tracks include: “Go Ahead And Break My Heart,” “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” and “Happy Anywhere.”

“Nobody But You” wasn’t supposed to be a duet at all, and Stefani was a late addition. 

You can watch the video below.

The video is different from Stefani’s other collaborations, like the one she did with Moby on “South Side,” when she still liked rock. You can watch that video below.

Stefani Originally Said She Wasn’t Going Country

Even though Stefani said she wasn’t “going country,”  it’s safe to say she is. Back in 2017, she said she had no intention of becoming a country star like her boyfriend. She claimed she was just learning about the genre.

I don’t have a country album, no. I have a country playlist that I’m learning. It’s interesting, I’ve learned a lot about country music in the last couple of years. I got to write with [Blake], which was a dream, like beyond a dream.

Now, according to Shelton, Stefani has changed her tune . At an iHeart Music event, Shelton was asked what was the “countriest” thing about Stefani. Shelton said:

There’s a photo of her when she was a kid with a cowboy hat on holding two kittens — that’s about as country of a thing that I can think of. But you know what? Since we’ve been together, this girl has literally fallen in love with country music. It’s all that she listens to, it’s all that’s on in her car.

But Shelton doesn’t think it’s because of him. He says it’s because she was “musically abused” as a kid because her parents didn’t play her the genre. They say that once you start dating someone, you adopt some of their traits. Stefani has adopted the genre from Shelton and has even started dressing the part too.

Gone is her punked-out style, which made her a fashion icon in the ’90s. Now she dresses like a cowgirl.

Fans Want No Doubt’s Stefani Back

Now that Stefani is into country music, fans can’t help but wish that she’ll go back to her rock roots and reunite with No Doubt.

Gwen Stefani tweet 1.
Some fans don’t like this new side of Gwen Stefani. | Source: Twitter 
Gwen Stefani tweet 2.
Fans agree that she is not the same person. | Source: ,a href=”https://twitter.com/avogato420/status/1308812619441201152″>Twitter
Gwen Stefani tweet 3.
Now fans want a No Doubt reunion. | Source: Twitter 

If Stefani had stuck with the rock band, she could have easily become the next Debbie Harry.

There’s nothing wrong with an artist trying to branch out and learn more about music, but there was something so iconic about Stefani when she was in No Doubt. There’s nothing iconic about her country career.

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