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Greedy EA is Going to Ruin Star Wars Games And There’s No Escape

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
  • EA has said they plan on “doubling down” on Star Wars video games.
  • This comes after the comparative success of Battlefront 2, despite the game’s controversy.
  • If we want someone else to get a crack at the IP, we need to stop buying these games from EA.

In a recent web seminar, EA said they were going to “double-down” on Star Wars games . Basically, they’re really going to start pumping them out now.

If you don’t remember, EA were the folks behind cancelling a decent story-driven Star Wars game . They also turned the Battlefront series into the “surprise mechanics”-infested mess that it became .

So let’s face it, these games are going to be 98% trash unless we stop buying them.

Star Wars Tweet Response
People seem eager for more single-player experiences, but the sales figures don’t back that up all too well. | Source: Twitter 

EA is Going to Ruin Star Wars Games

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that EA sucks. They’re constantly winning ‘worst gaming company’ awards . They also legitimately try to defend loot boxes for some reason .

The fact that they haven’t run the Star Wars IP into the ground is a massive shock. Although, whether that statement is true or not is probably down to your individual perspective.

If we keep making these Star Wars games successful then EA is going to keep making them. It probably won’t be long before we get Battlefront 3 filled with those ‘surprise mechanics’ EA loves so much.

EA - Surprise Mechanics
This clip has become infamous online for how blatant a defence of loot boxes it was. | Source: YouTube 

One Decent Game Doesn’t Make Up For It

It’s very optimistic to hope that EA will ever release a game that fans actually want. It took them years to actually listen to people and release a story-driven Star Wars experience. Then the game sold way less than the lootbox-laden Battlefront games .

It’s no wonder that EA loves loot boxes so much. Clearly, they make a lot of money for them. The only way to stop them from happening is to stop buying them.

But we won’t. Star Wars fans are notorious for our insanity. Just look at how much we’ve hunted down an action figure, based on a character that isn’t even in the movies . Just because he’s technically affiliated with the IP.

Star Wars Has a Bleak Future With EA

You can almost see it stretching out ahead of you, the bleak future of the franchise. Now that EA has proven to themselves that story-based Star Wars games don’t sell, they’ll be attacking online-only titles with their full force.

Battlefront 3 will probably be the next game we see. Maybe followed by some sort of Battle Royale game since EA loves chasing trends .

No matter what EA does to Star Wars, you can be pretty sure that fans will buy it anyway.

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