Greedy Apple Launches Laughably Expensive $999 Monitor Stand

Apple's vice president of Hardware Engineering John Ternus speaks during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California on June 3, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small / AFP)

By In what can only be described as a marketing gimmick, Apple launched its “all-new Mac Pro and groundbreaking Pro Display XDR” for $4,999. There’s just one catch though. If you want a stand to go with it you’re going to have to cough up more than that.

A standard VESA mount will set you back an additional $199 while Apple’s proprietary version of a stand will cost a hefty $999. The XDR is only available to order later this fall which gives Apple plenty of time to rethink their strategy on this one. Apple’s innovative culture arguably walked out the door when Steve Jobs passed on and their latest product release should be proof enough.

The Twitterati Show No Mercy

Not surprisingly the Twitterati showed up in full force, ready to pounce on the lunacy of this “groundbreaking” idea. One user who was at the live press release captured a pic of the uninteresting stand. What’s more, the Pro Stand looks eerily like a structure used for a hangman’s noose:

The new apple pro stand looks eerily like a hangman structure
The new apple pro stand looks eerily like a hangman structure. Source: Twitter.

Perhaps an omen of things to come? Here’s another example:

Twitterati ridiculing the pro stand
Do folks really want to fiddle around with a stand? Source: Twitter.

And another:

Apple pro expensive stand
This way you can slowly buy the product… in pieces. Source: Twitter.

A Boring Product At a Hyped Price

You really have to question Apple’s tactics with this product. Selling a separate stand at 20 percent of the displays’ original price is the result of nothing other than pure greed. Apple has the bankroll to market anything and they’re doing exactly that by hyping up its unnecessary features.

Like tilting its large 32-inch display into portrait mode. Amazing. And because Apple claims the pro stand is easy to take on location, I’ll have no problem checking out my photos in all their 32-inch glory on the beach.

Apple pro stand
The Apple pro stand. Perfect for days out at the beach. Source: Apple.

The Flops of Old

Apple has been around long enough to see some of its products crash and burn. It’s only par for the course. To be fair, the road to success isn’t always paved with instant success or a stash of crisp green Benjamins like Apple has today. The Macintosh TV, for example, appeared in 1993 and was way ahead of its time:

Macintosh TV
The Macintosh TV way ahead of its time. Source: Jamie Hutt | Flickr Creative Commons

It’s all about market timing you see but that is more of an art than a science. Perhaps ten years from now everyone will be taking their Pro XDR’s to the beach and this contributor will look like a fool. I doubt it though.

Does Apple’s Stock Have a Leg to Stand On?

Ok, it’s a poor pun but it’s still a valid concern. Volatility in Apple stock has risen dramatically since the middle of last year and investors have taken a bumpy ride ever since.

Uncertainty ahead for Apple stock
Uncertainty ahead for Apple stock. Source: Yahoo Finance.

If Apple wants to keep the share price momentum going and investors happy they’re sure going to have to revisit the principles that have made them wildly successful thus far. Reinventing the wheel stand just isn’t going to cut it.

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