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‘GreedFall’ Teaser Hypes Epic Witcher 3-Dragon Fall RPG Mashup

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM

With a brand new launch trailer published earlier this week, the hype is gathering around Focus Home Interactive’s upcoming third-person fantasy action-RPG title , GreedFall, slated to land in stores on Sept. 10.

What Is GreedFall?

Developed by French studio, Spiders, GreedFall drops the player on the esoteric island of Teer Fradee as a diplomat charged with securing a cure for a disease that has ravaged the lands back home on the continent. It’s an exciting cross-section of Age of Discovery visuals and cultures mixed in with high-fantasy tropes and an almost pagan-inspired cast of beasts and monsters.

As always, matters aren’t quite so straightforward as simply bagging the antidote and darting back home. Indigenous islanders clash with settlers while the island itself is imbued with mysterious magic that spawns fantastical creatures and untold riches. Settlers plunder the land, while the islanders struggle with the arrival of these newcomers and their insatiable hunger for resources and treasure. GreedFall frames a clash of worlds as tradition sizes up to the misplaced demands of modernity.

Through diplomacy, treachery, force, deception, and betrayal, the player must decide who to align with and who to double-cross as they shape the future of the island.

RPG-Oriented Combat

Spiders says GreedFall focuses heavily on RPG elements – player actions and decisions have a direct impact on the world. There’s also an extensive character development element that allows the customization of a slew of attributes, skills, and talents alongside in-depth character customization through specialization in different classes like warrior, technical, and magic.

GreedFall’s combat is a mishmash of magic, melee, and firearms running in real-time alongside a tactical pause feature. From here the player can trigger spells and actions as well as take potions to remove effects. For the fights themselves, the player can drafts in a squad of NPC characters with various attributes to aid in battle, easily swapping them out as required.

Source: GreedFall/Spiders/ Focus Home Interactive

Although GreedFall doesn’t reinvent the RPG genre, it provides enough variance to make an intriguing addition to the genre’s esteemed catalogue. There are only a handful of days to go before we know whether it’s worth sinking dozens of hours into or not.