The Great North American Bitcoin Giveaway

Canadian and United States Bitcoin users have a reason to watch the road this fall as the Bitcoin Car rolls through streets all across the country. Not only because they can support the grassroots movement Kryptoz Inc., and are trying to push forward, but because everyone has a chance to win the famous Bitcoin Car, or $10,000 in Bitcoin.

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The car, a 2014 Kia Soul sponsored by Bitcoin Trader, has planned a five-month road trip to raise awareness on anything and everything Bitcoin.

Kryptoz Inc. and have teamed up to drive their Bitcoin branded car all over North America. The starting line is Alberta, Canada and onto Chicago to catch the North American Bitcoin Conference on July 19, 2014. This year’s conference will showcase speakers Lukas Gilkey of Cloudhashing, Star Xu of OKCoin, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum and Charles Lee of Litecoin, among many others.

According to the tour dates schedule, the Bitcoin Car looks to leave Canada and enter United States territory by July 14, 2014 with the first stop being in Fargo, N.D. for two hours. They’ll then move to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Chicago onwards.

After the conference, the Bitcoin Car will head off to Las Vegas, stopping at more major cities along the way to spread information about Bitcoin to their communities. This grassroots movement looks to get information out at the source and show people how easy Bitcoin has become over the past few years.

But of course, the trip isn’t totally education-focused. There are a slew of freebies and giveaways to partake in at each location as the car moves ahead.

“There will also be plenty of prizes for people who join at every city, including Bitcoin Trader Gift Cards and enough promotional gear to get anyone excited,” said John Carley of Bitcoin Trader. “The grand prize is a choice between the 2014 Kia Soul and $10,000 in Bitcoin.”

Once they arrive at Las Vegas in November, they’ll be landing at the 2014 Money 20/20 conference for three days. At the conference, they’ll announce the winner of the grand prize. Afterwards, they plan on moving through Utah and Idaho to finish up the last leg of the tour by November 7, 2014.

Want Your Business Involved?

To fund the trip, is offering business sponsorships in two formats: sponsor the Bitcoin Car Giveaway and Location sponsorships.

“We are looking for progressive and strategic sponsors who would have an interest in Title sponsorship, Platinum sponsorships including having your logo on the car, our team handing out your brochures, swag and Bitcoin related merchandise at tour locations and the possibilities for portable ATMS and small product demonstrations along the way,”

Kryptoz and Bitpages said.

“Your sponsorship will help assure the success of the North American Bitcoin Car Giveaway 2014.”

To sponsor the Bitcoin Car Giveaway, there’s a $35,000 Title Sponsorship that allows your name or logo to be prominently displayed on the car, at the giveaway, exclusivity in the type of business sponsorship, product demonstrations and a slew of other benefits.

If $35,000 is a bit steep though, there’s also the Platinum sponsorship for $10,000, the Gold sponsorship for $5,000 or the Silver sponsorship for $2,500. Each level has different business benefits, each looking to get the sponsored businesses engaged with their current and potential customers directly along each stretch of the road trip.

If locations are your thing though, there are plenty of options in that regard. They’re offering Platinum, Premium and Basic location sponsorships where you can have the car visit your location for hours, along with all the social media mentions and logo placements that come along with it.

To see if the car is swinging by a city near you, check out their tour dates. This event is a great way to support Bitcoin and push the movement forward.

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