GoUrl Bitcoin Monetiser Online: Monetize Your Digital Content!

logoGoUrl’s Bitcoin Monetiser online platform allows users to sell their online content such as Music, documents, images, and video for various cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform can create their own custom URL, upload their content, then set the USD or crypto amount required to unlock the content.

Users of the platform can monetize anything they want whether it be music, e-books, pictures or videos. For users without a website, selling content has no monthly fee and has a flat fee of 3.5% per transaction, much lower than fees imposed by Paypal for selling goods. The platform allows buyers to pay with various cryptocurrencies. For writers and musicians, this platform makes it incredibly easy to self publish rather than go through an expensive aggregate company.

Creating locked content is easy, users simply need to create a new URL through the web-form, provide the URL of the hosted file, and provide wallet addresses for receiving payment for content. As the creator, you can set the amount they would like to receive for content, either in crypto or USD, and the prices are updated automatically every thirty minutes. The interactive dashboard shows all transactions and instantly sends payment to the creator after content has been sold. Creators will also get an email notification whenever someone purchases locked content, and GoUrl Monetiser will automatically forward received payment to the creator’s cryptocoin wallet address.Monetiser-Online

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The Monitizer option is great for people that want to sell content but don’t necessarily wish to maintain their own website. By advertising on twitter and other social media sites, creators can promote and sell their own content without owning a website. “Website owners can use the GoUrl Payment Gateway to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their own products or premium content online.GoUrl provides ready to use PHP scripts that allow website owners to integrate easily on their websites – pay-per-view, pay-per-download, pay-per-post and pay-per-membership payment platforms.”As a special promotion, any user of the platform that chooses to accept only Speedcoin for their content, will be eligible for 0% transaction fees, thus maximizing the profits they can make while selling their content. Developers that develop website plugins will receive 33% of all sales that are made through the plugins they develop with the platform’s API.


If you are an individual or own a website, GoUrl Bitcoin Monetiser Online is a great way to monetize your content and get paid in the cryptocurrencies you love. With 0% fees for using Speedcoin, there is immense value in this unique service that decentralizes the way content is sold. By empowering individuals to sell their own content, the need to go through publishing companies is completely eliminated, users don’t even need to have a website to sell their content.

Website: https://gourl.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptocoinAPI

Github: https://github.com/cryptoapi/Payment-Gateway

Wiki: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Gourl