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Google Stadia’s Most Fervent Supporters Are Starting to Lose Faith

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
  • It’s been 40 days since Google announced a new game or feature update for Stadia.
  • Patience is starting to wear thin among the community.
  • Stadia runs the risk of alienating its most fervent supporters.

Yesterday, a post decrying Google’s 40 day run of silence around Stadia skyrocketed to the top of the Stadia subreddit . The post was authored as an invitation for Google to raise its head above the parapet and engage with the community.

40 Days With Zero Stadia Updates or Announcements

The aim was to constructively nudge Google into reassuring early adopters that plans were afoot to bolster the cloud streaming platformer with new games and new features. Standard practice for any burgeoning service you’d say, but one noticeably sorely lacking in Stadia’s case.

Google Stadia’s launch has largely been a failure with few gamers lining up to buy into the ‘streaming’ platform. | Source: JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

When would news surface about the 120 games heading to Stadia in 2020? What about browser and mobile functionality beyond Google’s own Pixel phone? The post raised valid concerns.

Google duly responded through the tireless community manager known as ‘GraceFromGoogle’. This faceless Google employee acts as the only real conduit between Google and the Stadia community. And, this ever since the creation of the subreddit back in February last year.

While Google has published a PR-vetted Stadia Savepoint news wire sporadically , Grace has been left to handle the growing concern of a community losing faith with each passing day.

The response reads;

Stadia's Most Fervent Supporters Are Starting to Lose Faith
Source: Reddit

Eroding Confidence

While welcome, the message oozes PR platitudes and doesn’t instill confidence. These hollow assurances run the risk of eroding the confidence of the dwindling numbers that still believe in the platform.

Stadia detractors are easy to find among players and the press alike. Those that take a stand and defend the platform are a much rarer breed.

A core of early adopters continues to sing the praises of the nascent platform despite Google’s silence and mounting criticism. How long before their patience wears thin, and Google alienates the very people most invested in Stadia’s success?

Going by the responses peppering the Reddit thread, the damage may already be done.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Stadia's Most Fervent Supporters Are Starting to Lose Faith
Source: Reddit

The fact Stadia’s most fervent supporters are starting to shun the platform is a testament to just how badly Google has messed this up.

Stadia’s days seem numbered by this point. That is unless Google can instill a culture of regular updates, however insignificant, and communication with the community.