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Google Stadia ‘BT Bundle’ Might Finally Sell the Gaming Misfire

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
  • Google Stadia did not have a very successful launch window.
  • BT has teamed up with Google to bundle the Stadia with high-end broadband packages.
  • While this will get more Stadias into user’s hands, it won’t help the brand in the long run unless they can fix other issues.

Google Stadia has been a bit of a mess. Its release wasn’t exactly successful. Now almost no one is really talking about it anymore. That hasn’t stopped Google from trying their hardest to get it out there. They just made a deal with the UK company BT to get the system into more people’s hands.

The new bundle ties Stadia to high-speed broadband packages. Now when you get one of BT’s deluxe packages, you can also get Stadia Premiere Edition. That’s the version that comes with the Stadia, Chromcast, and 3-months of the premium service.

Google Stadia - Controller
Google Stadia might look all futuristic, but it’s also just a bit too ahead of its time. | Source: Google 

More People Will Probably End Up With Stadia Now

It’s easy to see why Google would go for this deal. Stadia flat out requires you have a high-speed internet connection. So, bundling the system with such a connection is really a no-brainer. You can probably expect many people to end up with a Stadia system as a result.

Of course, that won’t necessarily do Stadia any good. The issue with the system right now is that it doesn’t really offer anything that enticing. If people end up with a free copy but don’t enjoy it, they probably won’t buy games or remain subscribed. Not unless Google can fix the system.

Supposedly There Are New Features on the Way

Recently a Stadia developer had some interesting things to say about the system. Head of Tequila Works, Raul Rubio, said there are features coming that will “Blow people’s minds” . He may be a tad biased since he’s released the only Stadia exclusive title: GYLT.

It’s all well and good to promise features, but right now Stadia isn’t that appealing to most people. Its performance is reported as being sub-par, the selection of games just isn’t there and it’s too expensive for what you get. People are right to be skeptical of it as a system.

That’s not to say that Stadia won’t be good eventually. Game streaming really is the future of the industry if companies like Microsoft and Google are to be believed. Streaming removes a need for big hard drives or really any expensive hardware at all. Once the kinks have been worked out, it’ll be the best way to game.