From Gold to Cryptocurrency: How the Most Valuable Metal in the World Can Stabilize the Price on Crypto Market

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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Since ancient times gold was one of the most precious things in the world: it was a standard for price evaluation, references to gold may be found in popular wisdom thoughts and quotations all over the world. It means that gold will always be one of the value standards in the world’s’ economy and many physical currencies have some dependence on gold. But in the age of IT, when people are trying to invent something new every and each day, new values are brought to the market – cryptocurrencies. They allowed people to buy, sell and trade through the internet with reduced risks but still there is one big problem that should be solved: stability and predictability of any cryptocurrency.

That’s why 2 years ago three entrepreneurs decided to combine modern IT technologies with proven values and start a gold mining business in Sudan. One of the partners was a great mining engineer with relevant know-how and management skills, others had an expertise in IT, business development and international trade. All investors funded from their own pockets the search process of the right specialists, agreements with the governments of Sudan and banks of Dubai, and finally, the research and drilling tests in the zone of high gold mineralization potential. This is how Dubai SG Mining Co was created, after that it was decided to start an ICO named “Sudan Gold Coin” (“Sudan GC” or “SGC”) to raise funds for establishing already projected facility for gold mining.

So what is Sudan Gold Coin ICO and how it works?

Sudan Gold Coin is the first blockchain option in the world, where value of the coin will be tied to the market price of gold. The total amount of tokens that will be released is 20,000,000 tokens without further additional releases. At the Pre-ICO stage, the price of one token was 0.5 $ USD, at the stage of ICO – 0.75 – 1 $ USD, depending on the stage. By purchasing tokens, each investor becomes the owner of a certain amount of gold, which he will be able to operate with in a decentralized exchanger, built on a blockchain technology. Investors and other users will be able to trade tokens, as well as exchange them for gold certificates in partner banks (in Dubai for example). The value of the token will grow due to the increase of gold’s market value and due to the fact that some amount tokens will be redeemed from time to time (or exchanged for gold certificates) from investors, after that those tokens will be burned, so the ratio of tokens to the amount of gold will vary and the price of the token will grow.

SGC project has successfully closed its Pre-ICO with a cap of 250,000$ USD.

For now the project is at Private Sale stage, there are going preparations for the main ICO which will start on 25 January, legal filing of the project with collected and signed documents, branding and marketing campaign, creating presentations and participation in blockchain conferences.

This is everyone’s chance to invest into something not only physical, but into one of the most stable and most valuable things in the world. More information could be found at and at official Sudan GC Telegram chat:

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