5 million Google Users Exposed on Bitcoin Security

bitcoin hack google gmailGoogle has been hacked and 5 million Gmail credentials have been exposed on the Russian website “Bitcoin Security“. The leakage was discovered after a Reddit user submitted credentials on a Reddit sub forum. Daily Mail reports that most of the hacked Gmail-accounts were English, Russian and Spanish. It’s estimated that 60% of the accounts were active.


A spokesman from Google claims that many of the leaked passwords are most likely taken from another website or service than Gmail. Google told CNews that the credentials from Gmail were stolen through many years with hacking and phising against private individuals. Their own system were never compromised.

However, it is probably a good time to change your own passwords on e.g. Gmail now!

Remember to always implement a 2-factor authentication system on the web services you use. You never know what weaknesses that are out there until they are exposed, just like Heartbleed.

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Why a Bitcoin Website was Used in the Hack

The hackers revealed the Gmail-accounts details on the Russian forum Bitcoin Security. One might start to seriously question the security of Bitcoin itself since we hear about “hack” and “Bitcoin” used together all the time (read Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Has Email Account Hacked). As most bitcoiners know, Bitcoin itself, the protocol, and the use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin services, are secure as long as one takes good security measures and regular backups. Bitcoin is getting bad press over and over due to these leakages, but one can’t deny the fact that Bitcoin is close to the ideal currency to be used for e.g. blackmailing.

It is not surprising that this leakage also includes Bitcoin. Whether or not bitcoins were used as payment or leverage is unknown, but not unlikely.

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Are my Bitcoins Safe?

If you have one of the 5 million unfortunate Gmail-accounts, you should first change your Google password and add a two-step authenticator. If you stored your private bitcoin keys in the cloud, you should immediately send your bitcoins to new bitcoin address, encrypt your wallet, and take a backup of it. If you are using Bitcoin payment and exchange services like Bitstamp, Coinbase or BitPay, you should change the passwords on them immediately.

Want to learn more about Bitcoin wallet security? Read this great tutorial.

The Gmail leak is revealed just after two other major leakages on the Bitcoin Security forum. The two other hacks targeted the Russian email service provider Mail.ru and the search engine Yandex according to Daily Mail. And those two security breaches affected more than six million users.

What do you think of the ongoing connection between “Bitcoin” and “hacking”? Leave a comment below.

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