Why Global Blockchain Started an ICO Incubator

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GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. (TXV: BLOC) (FSE: BWSP) (OTC PINK: BLKCF) incubator initiatives are a result of a shared sentiment Rik Willard, Steven Nerayoff and myself had for the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, and are our attempt in helping the token economy reach its true potential. As very early investors in the Blockchain revolution, we had the privilege of seeing this sector’s growth from the very start and I believe I can speak for all of us, when I say that we are in awe of how the space has grown from the days just a few years ago when many friends including well known VCs and Angel Investors, viewed it with ridicule; most of them regret not having joined us back then are now actively investing in the space.

At the same time, the sentiment isn’t all positive, many of the early ventures have fallen extremely short of realising their original vision and much more troubling is that a significant portion of the ICO phenomena has been driven by very greedy speculation and irrational exuberance. Even many of the most successful crowdsales have amounted to projects that have very vague goals, that are not being developed as promised or that are not even technically feasible now or in the foreseeable future.

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It should be clearly noted, that we strongly believe in the token funding model, this includes tokens that represent access to networks and services as well as those that represent completely new classes of financial instruments, which simply would not be possible without Blockchain technology. Both Utility and Securities tokens will give access to an exchange network with global reach with unprecedented liquidity, make no mistake that the token economies first decentralized disruption is as a funding network, but there is definitely a need for crowdsales that are based on well vetted proposals and teams with substantial claims. This will be the biggest value provided by Global Blockchain, will vet the best concepts from a technical and business perspective, whether investments are needed.

For domain experts that come to us for assistance and funding, we will perform in depth due diligence on their concept, to see if it makes business sense and is technically feasible, and also them as individuals who are able to execute on their vision, we will provide a best of breed blockchain development team, legal support and initial funding sufficient to develop a minimum viable product prior to the launch of a public crowdsale. We will also provide custodianship and escrow of all funds raised and ensure that it is being used as promised and in the best interest of the company.

We believe public blockchains will provide provide the next evolution for:

  • Finance and Commerce including smart contracts for finance, tokenization of physical assets, and development of asset trading systems;
  • Law and Governance including development of digital identity, notarization and distributed autonomous organizations;
  • Ecommerce & Logistics including smart contracts for e-commerce and supply chain applications, trade finance, decentralised document management systems, provenance and accountability;
  • Media and Social Networks, with a strong focus on enabling the attention economy with completely new token driven business models.

We are currently starting incubation of four ventures in the telecoms, energy, cannabis and entertainment industries that touch on all the above areas of innovation and we will be announcing them in the coming weeks.

We are actively looking for visionary entrepreneurs in sectors that the token economy can impact. Blockchain technical expertise is not a requirement, however, having a vision for how they can disrupt an industry is. Contact us for the opportunity of joining the Global Blockchain incubator program, on our website: https://globalblockchain.io.