Glenn Beck: Donald Trump Campaign Chief Hires Assassins On Dark Web

Breitbart is not happy with Glenn Beck. The tea party talking head, Beck, insinuated in a radio program that Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign CEO and former Breitbart News executive, threatens enemies lives and hires assassins on the dark net. 

Beck, who supported Ted Cruz during the Republican primary, said Bannon might use “the Dark Web” for illegal activities, including hiring assassins.

Beck has  a history of making comments against Bannon.

Breitbart’s Ezra Dulis reports:

This is a guy who uses the Dark Web. If you don’t know what the Dark Web is, good for you. Dark Web is where you can hire assassins — oh, it’s frightening. It is frightening. It’s where you get child porn, you can buy sex slaves, it’s horrible.

This guy uses the Dark Web to find people to do investigations and whatever else he would like to do. The person that we wanted to get on to talk about him, because I’ve talked to them several times in the past, and knows him inside and out, is now too afraid to come on because he’s using the Dark Web against this individual and they’re afraid. They do not want to say anything more about him.

Beck has discussed the dark web and distributed technology. He regularly comments on Bitcoin.

In this episode, he spends more than ten minutes on the technology:

He’s discussed 3-D gun technology with Distributed Defense founder Cody Wilson:

His recent comments about the Trump campaign, however, were among first about the dark web.

Glenn Beck is best known as an American television personality. He is a conservative and once ardent supporter of the tea party. He’s appeared regularly on the Fox News Channel and currently airs on his own medium, TheBlaze. He targets regularly President Obama, Donald Trump and actively supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

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