“Give Me COINS” Litecoin Pool Hacked

January 23, 2014 00:37 UTC

The somewhat awkwardly named Give Me COINS multicoin mining pool was just recently hacked, specifically the Litecoin pool. Pool admins have acknowledged the breach and are currently investigating the issue. Here’s the most recent announcement:

  • We have just been notifyed [sic] that LTC addresses are now blank on accounts and all coins have been withdrawn out of some pool accounts. We are currently investigating this issue and are trackign [sic] what has happened. Once this is done we will rectify the situation. We please ask that you send us any info that you may have to aid is [sic] in the investigation. Payments have been suspended until we can clarafy [sic].
  • We WILL be recrediting each and every account that was affected. Payouts will be disabled untill we have had a chance to investigate further and fix the issue at hand. This may take some time so please keep checking the forum for more info. Please also note it will take sme [sic] time for balances to update back to they were as we are doing this manually.

It’s great to hear that GMC’s (this is how I’ll be abbreviating Give Me COINS from now on) admins are looking out for their users and will be paying out of their pockets to reimburse anyone affected. Several users had their accounts emptied and LTC transferred to the address LLhiogvzS6vJBghsEmQesrMUchsddwPV6B. Interestingly, blockr, a block explorer for LTC, shows a final balance of only 0.00000100 LTC on the address.

Withdrawals are currently disabled to prevent any more users from having their accounts emptied. This event is very likely to damage the reputation of the self-proclaimed “professional multicoin pool”. Reimbursing affected users as soon as possible would be best for GMC.

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