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Get $10 in Dash for Helping Someone Get Their #FirstDashWallet

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

X11 cryptocurrency Dash, formerly DarkCoin, has a dedicated community arm which aims to spread the gospel of Dash, whose founder, Evan Duffield, has always put the user first. Dash began as Darkcoin in 2013 and has always focused on resisting miner dominance (by using a multitude of cryptographic algorithms), innovation, and resolution of both potential and existing problems.

Dash resolved any potential for block congestion in late 2015. Dash has a feature called InstantSend, which allows you to pay extra for guaranteed inclusion in the next block. Dash node operators are part of the economy, with Masternodes being able to earn a comfortable stipend from mixing funds and adding security to the network.

In short, Dash is an actual contender for the crown, whether Bitcoin maximalists want to accept this idea or not, and those who are interested have a perfectly easy way to get themselves a smidge of Dash without any risk involved. For what it’s worth, since the promotion launched on Wednesday, the price of Dash has climbed up close to $200.

Those who participate in this experiment are giving their friends an actual, usable amount of cryptocurrency, as well as themselves. To participate, as is discussed by community leader Amanda B. Johnson, they must simply have a photo of themselves and their friend, each with their Dash wallet visible, the hash tag #FirstDashWallet, and their own Dash address. Johnson will arrange for $20 in Dash to be sent to that address, and once it is, the evangelist is responsible for forwarding the other $10 onto their friend. According to the rules, a loophole is that their friend is also allowed to go and sign someone else up for an additional $10, and the movement grows.

Once they have the Dash, they will not have to pay extreme fees to use it at places like Crypto-Games.net, Cryfter, or CryptoCoffee, all of which have offerings they could utilize at this level of balance.

Or, perhaps wiser for them, would be to simply hold and add to their holdings. People who regret missing out on the boom time rises of Bitcoin have no reason not to jump on board the others that are likely to see similar arcs – Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum. It’s early to call a floor or ceiling on anything, but certainly Dash has earned its place in the totem pole of cryptocurrencies, and perhaps in the near-future, in the same way you won’t be able to talk about cryptocurrency without talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum, you won’t be able to talk about either of those without talking about Dash.

This author can attest to the legitimacy of the campaign:


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