Georgia Tech Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Is Key Adoption Tool

October 2, 2014

Student fans of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets now get the opportunity to use their bitcoins. By partnering with BitPay, the university plans to implement the technology before any other university in the United States. The students will get to pay with bitcoin at the concession stand while cheering on the Jackets. They’ll also be able to couple the technology with their existing student BuzzCards to buy food and merchandise all throughout campus.

Along with the ability to buy snacks and drinks, Georgia Institute of Technology students will be able to keep their bitcoins in a personalized “Jacketwallet” designed by Pheeva. Upon this announcement, Georgia Tech Atheltic Director Mike Bobinski said:

“We look forward to working with BitPay to make bitcoin a viable payment option for our students and fans. At Georgia Tech, we are always looking to lead in innovative ways, and this partnership with BitPay gives us an opportunity to do so by integrating this new technology at a sports venue and in the daily lives of our students.”

The partnership between BitPay and Georgia Tech started in July through a BitPay sponsorship. Now that Georgia Tech announced the exact plans for how far the partnership would go on the university scale, Executive Chairman of BitPay, as well as a Georgia Tech alumnus, Tony Galippi added:

“Georgia Tech is one of the best sources of innovation in the country. BitPay is proud to offer its own innovative bitcoin payment processing to the university and its students.”

Pheeva’s Georgia Tech Personalized Wallet

The personalized wallet for college campuses is yet another venture that most other wallet companies haven’t looked into for businesses. In the United States, American Football is a sport that people are passionate about to a level that’s astounding. In February 2013, an estimated 108.4 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVII. Most all of those are football fans, if they aren’t just watching for the commercials.

Long-standing fans of NFL and college football buy merchandise frequently, so making a personalized bitcoin wallet for download only makes sense as a wise way to cater to fans who like the complete package. Traditional banks already issue credit and debit cards to loyal fans of most football teams, and Pheeva may be onto something with the personalized Jacketwallet.

Earlier this year, Lamar Wilson spoke with CCN about Pheeva’s philosophy, saying the following:

“Freedom is the inspiration for COG and the Pheeva Wallet. Bitcoin provides us with a freedom that we don’t have with our current monetary system. We are inspired to create tools that allow people to completely gain the benefits of that freedom.”

Georgia Tech and BitPay are leading the way to cracking into the American football market. BitPay is sponsoring this year’s St. Petersburg Bowl due to the NCAA moving to a playoff-style of competition. The season is currently underway, and bitcoin users are hopeful to hear announcers from ESPN to learn about bitcoin due to the repeated use of the name.

Images from Shutterstock; Pheeva Yellow Jacket Wallet image from Pheeva.

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