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Geo Location-Based Listing Platform ConnectJob Announces Development, ICO

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Blockchain technology has come a long way from being a proof, nine years ago, to a multi-billion-dollar industry currently worth $180 billion and growing. From banking services to medicine, shopping, betting, travel and tourism, and real estate, the blockchain and its inherent tokenization ability of any goods, service, or asset is revolutionizing business economics and service industry. However, despite all these giant strides, one industry is yet to fully benefit from; the gig economy.  

Currently accounting for 34% of US workforce and worth over $900 billion globally, the gig industry is a growing economy that is expected to double by 2025 as more people opt to work independently rather than remain on the structured payroll. Jobbers have found this industry to be highly attractive and lucrative due to the flexibility and variety it affords them, enabling them to utilize and monetize their skills and abilities whenever they want to. From Uber drivers to handy cleaners, the gig economy allows just about anybody to monetize whatever skill or ability they possess through online intermediaries. However, this system is fraught with risk and uncertainty ranging from identity theft to defaulting on contracts, high commission fees, marketplace ambiguity, and opacity.

Founded in 2017 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, ConnectJob is a unique, blockchain-based platform set to disrupt the gig economy. The platform is a one-stop shop for jobbers to connect directly and securely with employers based on geolocation all under a few clicks. Backed by smart contracts and an intuitive ID control system, ConnectJob simplifies daily chores by helping users offer a job or request any service they need anywhere, anytime. From gardening to hairdressing, baby and pet sitting, coaching, plumbing and much more, jobbers can connect with anyone who requires their services in their locality at the tip of their fingers.

ConnectJob aims to become a worldwide leader in its market by developing a decentralized platform for all jobbers and users across a globally distributed network. All users will have the opportunity to find professional and certified jobbers nearby using geolocation technology and an internally developed “Uber-like” counter for each service offered.

ConnectJob Token

ConnectJob ecosystem uses a utility token, the CJT (ConnectJob Tokens), for all settlements and services on the platform. The token offers users a 10% discount on all services on the platform and facilitates priority access to five-star jobbers and exclusive services, geolocational price maps and hot spots. In addition, CJT token holders will benefit from holding the token through the regular distribution of bonus CJT tokens when roadmap milestones are achieved by the project.

The platform also supports direct settlement in fiat ($, €)

ConnectJob ICO

After a successful test in Eastern Europe, the application is now ready to be launched in major

cities worldwide. ConnectJob has initiated an ICO campaign for early adopters and users. Participants can purchase CJT tokens using either Bitcoin, Ether or conventional currencies. ConnectJob tokens will be sold at 2,400 CJT = 1 ETH and will be offered in two stages:

  • Pre-ICO: Starting from 12/01/2017 and ending om12/20/2017 – around €30m (15 to 20% discount) is expected to be raised.
  • Main ICO starts from 01/03/2018 and ends on 02/12/2018 – around €80m (average 10% discount for the ICO’s first five days) is expected to be realized during this period.

Total token sales hard cap has been set at €110m (amount based on Ether).

Funds Distribution

Funds generated from the ICO will be used to finance the following:

  • Marketing expenses, notably for the opening of the platform in the various selected cities, up to 44%
  • The app’s technological development, up to 30%
  • Administrative and management costs for head office and employees, up to 26%

Tokens distribution

ConnectJob Tokens will be distributed according to the following:

  • 65% during the ICO
  • 10% for ConnectJob’s team
  • 5% for Advisors
  • 20% held by ConnectJob for future reinvestments in the application

About The Team

ConnectJob is being developed by a highly experienced team from various sectors including management, marketing, finances and software development. The current team comprises about 30 employees based in Tel Aviv, including 20 developers.

ConnectJob is co-founded by Jonathan Gueron and Yoni Assouline. Gueron is responsible for the Tech and Blockchain departments and is the initiative behind European success story, iAdvize. Assouline is a successful serial entrepreneur and Business Angel in Israel. He is in charge of marketing development.

Leading Advisors

ConnectJob boasts of renown and accomplished advisors backing the development of the platform, including:

  • Lead advisor: Scalene Partners (founded by three former investment bankers from Rothschild & Co.)
  • Financial advisor: Jeremie Berrebi (President and founder of Magical Capital, one of the world’s most active Business Angels)
  • Legal advisor: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel (US business law firm)
  • Blockchain and crypto-currency advisor: Simon Polrot (Founder of Ethereum France and Vice-President of Ethereum Association)

About ConnectJob

ConnectJob is an innovative platform that brings together a wide range of services to individuals in an all-in-one application based on Blockchain technology. The application connects users looking for daily needs to certified “jobbers”. It is based on geolocation, providing its users with the service available in their region, invoiced in ConnectJob tokens or in €/$ at a prefixed hourly rate for each type of work (similar to the Uber model). ConnectJob’s ambition is to reach more than 20 million uses per month within the next 5 years and to roll out the application in the 20 world’s largest cities over the period, starting with Paris, London and New York as of 2018.

Founded in 2017 and based in Gibraltar at Hassans International Law Firm, 57/63 Line Wall Road, GX11 1A, ConnectJob is co-managed by Jonathan Gueron and Yoni Assouline and comprises around 50 employees.


For more information, please visit:

Media Contact: [email protected]

Hassans International Law Firm, 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar / +44 203 936 2998