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GeliosTrade, An Easy-To-Use Investment Platform

Last Updated April 26, 2023 2:40 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 26, 2023 2:40 AM
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GeliosTrade  is an independent broker platform that focuses on CFD transactions and investments in the trading market. Apart from this, the firm also focuses on spread betting. It has a MetaTrader 4 trading terminal that offers its customers an advanced, transparent, and seamless way to make lucrative trading decisions.

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Background Story

William Scensson, a Norwegian investor and manager of a hedge fund, formed the Gelios front Group, a hedge fund holding company that specializes in fixed income, currencies, stocks and commodities. Gelios front Group, consisting of Gelios investering front and its subsidiaries, actively trades, invests for individuals, and researches fixed income assets, currencies, stocks and commodity assets, as well as related derivatives and other instruments in global markets for private international market operations.

Gelios front Group’s investment strategies included, among other things, a discretionary global macro, a quantitative global macro (managed futures), a discretionary capital with a long/short position, a quantitatively neutral equity market and a growth capital, which subsequently became the main factor in Gelios front Group’s strong development and global experience for the future Gelios Trade Limited.

Thanks to its unique strategy, by 2013 the company grew its capital to 2.7 billion USD. In addition, Mr. Svensson has proven to be a famous philanthropist, having donated over $500 million USD to the Stichting INGKA Foundation for the fight against starvation in Africa.

In 2017, Mr. Svensson decided to change things, transforming the company’s principles of operation, modifying its private investments and enabling a new horizon for free trade for private clients, shareholders and free traders and investors around the world. New headquarters were opened in Ireland to further expand its vision throughout the world. William Svensson was heavily involved in the changes made to his company, leading the staff selection and the company direction himself. Traders and top-managers from all over the world were picked to form a new system of funds management.

The Present

Gelios Trade limited has made a significant contribution to the rapid development of financial market technologies in such a short period and provides access to trade and investment for private and institutional clients in global markets in a wide range of asset classes and exchange-traded financial instruments. With a reliable and user-friendly trade platform, integrated with a full-featured set of functions, finely tuned charts and risk management tools;

Gelios Trade Ltd. has become a great platform for traders around the globe.

How It Works

Joining the GeliosTrade platform is quick and easy. All you need to do is deposit a minimum of $100 and you can start trading right away. GeliosTrade’s MetaTrader 4 terminal has a web version that allows you to execute trades easily. Apart from this, the platform has a mobile application that helps you trade and stays updated on market trends while on the go.

After joining this brokerage platform, you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with trading. The platform has a negative balance protection feature, meaning that you cannot lose more than the amount you have invested. As a trader, you can forecast future trends by leveraging more than 50 technical indicators on the terminal. These indicators help you complete investment decisions clearly and confidently.

GeliosTrade is designed for ambitious traders that seek to make profits every day of the week, but don’t want to trade by themselves. While the platform supports trading in several markets, its primary focus is on crypto exchanges such as Huobi, Exmo, Binance, OKEx, and KuCoin. Profit margins vary from as little as 0.5 percent to a whopping 3.5 percent for select bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) plans. You also get your initial deposit back after 20 working days and the platform does not have a maximum investment limit. The minimum withdrawal limit is $1.

If you wish to know more about GeliosTrade, make sure to watch this video .

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