GCoin has new ways in and new ways out of the Crypto currency world


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cryptonewsSpend GCoin on electronics and other tech stuff at Dublin based www.worldofelectronics.ie (priced in Euro at a rate of G900k to €1 at the moment).

They have 3,500 items for sale and they will ship anywhere in the world. This is a nice and easy way to spend your Crypto currency in the real world. A more direct method if you don’t want to transfer to your bank account via an exchange. Change your Doge/LTC/BTC to GCoin at Bleutrade and spend it.

Price example: Seagate 3.5″ SATA3 3000GB (3 Terabyte). USA & worldwide shipping. Delivered = G125.1m = LTC 24 = $46 wow. Same day dispatch on this item.

Spend GCoin on webhosting

www.webworld.ie also accept GCoin for server hosting. There will be more stores coming in the future.

Earn GCoin by playing games.

Play ‘GCoin Light Bikes’. It’s an Android motorcycle racing game similar to Tron that allows you win real digital coins instead of points. Or play our Android slot machines where you will win GCoin. The games pay out G40m per day approximately. We also have browser slots at casino.gcoin.us for PC and Apple users. There are more games to come in the future.

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Or you can mine GCoin as normal :)

Instructions at www.gcoin.us

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