Gavin (Lead Bitcoin Developer) is Talking About Bitcoin at the CFR

Kyle Torpey @kyletorpey
February 6, 2014
The Council on Foreign Relations is a think tank for worldwide government policy.

Conspiracy theorists rejoice! Gavin is currently being interviewed in front of a crowd at the Council of Foreign Relations. The topic is, obviously, Bitcoin. This is part of the CFR’s series called “Voices of the Next Generation”. Many of the conspiracy theorists in the Bitcoin community think that this is a turning point for the cryptocurrency. You can watch live video of the presentation and interview below:

What do you think about Gavin going to the Council on Foreign Relations? I’ll continue to post interesting points from Gavin below:

9:33am: The live event on #bitcoin at the CFR is over. I thought Gavin did an amazing job, and he didn’t hold back when asked about topics such as central banking and whether or not a deflationary currency would be a net-negative for the world. I’ll update the stream embed with the on demand version of the video when it’s available.

9:31am: Everyone working on #bitcoin is doing so because they think it will make the world a better place.

9:28am: Gavin talking about how public ledger makes criminal use of #bitcoin difficult. Also hard to not get caught as a criminal organization grows.

9:25am: “We wish the IRS would be a bit more clear on when taxable events occur in #bitcoin.”

9:12am: Gavin says the biggest threat to #bitcoin would have to be something he doesn’t know about.

9:07am: “One of the main tenants of a currency is that it’s helpful for the economy as a whole” – Rediker

9:00am: Radiker says we need central bankers to control money supply in a crisis. Gavin says no.

8:57am: “Nobody knows if bitcoins will ever reach a stable price. This is still an experiment.”

8:50am: Gavin talking about how it’s easy to regulate #Bitcoin in North Korea, but not so easy in democratic nations.

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