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Gary Owen Accidentally Exposes Humorless, Woke Millennials

Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:01 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:01 PM
  • Comedian Gary Owen was trending today on Twitter.
  • Sensitive Twitter users tried to accuse the white comic of being racist.
  • The black community immediately put a halt to it, proving that some of us still have a sense of humor.

Woke Twitter tried to give comedian Gary Owen all the smoke.

And it blew right back in their faces.

This is a promising sign for a world that desperately needs to preserve its sense of humor and overall sanity.

Is This Racist?

It all started with one little tweet from one little Twitter user with a measly 900 followers. That was enough to inspire a backlash so great that it hopefully gives other would-be social justice warriors pause before slinging more accusations.

Here’s the tweet:

Gary Owen
This person clearly does not know who Gary Owen is. | Source: Twitter 

During the highly-anticipated Verzuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy, Gary Owen said watching it made him “want some Hennessy & a black & mild.” That’s a highly-touted drink/cigar combination in the rap world.

But because he’s white, Woke Twitter decided that “this feel racist.”


The Black Community Loves Gary Owen, and They Showed Up

If you don’t know Gary Owen, check out this clip of him charming a (predominately Black) audience while talking about, of all things, being a cop:

This man is married to a Black woman, he’s raising Black kids, and he has his own TV show on BET .

Gary Owen was accepted into the Black community years ago. He makes jokes about black culture because guess what? That’s okay when your intentions are good.

All too often, people get offended on behalf of some other community. As Dave Chapelle said in a recent special, trans people don’t get nearly as upset at his jokes as their ‘allies.’ 

Obviously, there’s no shortage of racist and homophobic people in our country. But the majority of us are well-intentioned, and some of us even have a sense of humor. People like Gary Owen’s fans.

And they were not about to let this woke hero get away with trashing one of their favorite comedians.

Check out some of these clap backs:


Gary Owen
You should always do your research before making an accusation. | Source: Twitter 


Gary Owen
Again, do your research. | Source: Twitter 

There you have it, folks. You don’t always need to be woke. Sometimes, you just need to wake up.

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