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playstation and xbox

PS5 and Xbox Series X Should Just Abandon Exclusives

According to a Twitter poll, affordable price is the most important factor for gamers in most electronics purchases. But the surprising factor is that exclusive games actually came in at the bottom of the list of priorities.


Twitch Streamers Could Be About to Get So Much Richer

A forecast by an eMarketer analyst suggests that Twitch will reach 40 million viewers in the United States by 2021. It means 15.5% of U.S. digital video viewers will be enjoying Twitch streams by year-end 2020.


We Need More Horror-Injected Video Games

Titles that take horror in an unusual direction present new ways to explore the psychological and philosophical themes rooted within the horror genre. Forced into a different perspective, developers must think of new ways to unsettle the player.

bethesda softworks

Bethesda Exit Unlikely to Spell Disaster for Geforce Now

Despite losing two significant publishers, Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, the fledgling cloud gaming platform landed a big name title earlier this week. NVIDIA confirmed that GeForce Now would support Cyberpunk 2077 from day one.


It’s 2020, and Nintendo Needs to Finally Catch Up

It’s 2020 – I shouldn’t have to think about my cloud backup saves. Steam does it automatically, as does the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the latter two of which released in 2013. Why can’t Nintendo offer the same?


Borderlands the Movie Is Either Going to Be Amazing or Terrible

As with all video game movies, there is always the chance that those producing the movies will completely misunderstand the source material. Personally, as much as I don’t want that, the current crew list doesn’t fill me with the most confidence.