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Assassin's Creed: Crypto? Ubisoft Taps Ethereum for Blockchain Gaming

Ubisoft, Blockchain, Ethereum

By CCN Markets: French video game giant Ubisoft has announced an effort to develop blockchain gaming through Ethereum. In a report published June 11 by French news outlet Les Échos, Ubisoft is already months into the development of blockchain products using Ethereum. The company is looking to monetize and improve upon their existing implementation of in-game items and other unlockables. However...

John Legend: Streaming 'Changed Everything' in Music - Gaming's Next

john legend

By CCN Markets: Ten-time Grammy award winner John Legend recently appeared on CNBC to discuss how Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have completely upended the music industry. His comments portend the market-shattering disruption that awaits the gaming industry once it undergoes its own streaming revolution. John Legend Says Streaming Has Changed ‘Everything' It's undeniable that...

'Responsible' EA Dismisses Gaming Addiction, Deems Loot Boxes Ethical

EA, Loot box, loot boxes

By CCN Markets: Addiction is a variation of passion—one which impairs general life functions. Addicts are commonly willing to sacrifice basic needs or core obligations to sate their hunger for the next fix. As a recovering gaming addict, I find it troubling that, despite gaming addiction having been both a factor in my own development and recently added to the ICM and DSM, two diagnostic manuals...

GameStop Stock Nears All-Time Low as Streaming Closes In


By CCN Markets: GameStop has a long history of making people happy. The feeling of going to a game store and purchasing the title you have been excited about for weeks, months, or even years is intensely satisfying. Sadly, that feeling may soon disappear forever. A major player in gaming, GameStop is one of about nine major video game retailers left. GameStop may end up much like Blockbuster...

Call of Duty Goes Cross-Platform While Battlefield Rots In EA Hell

Call of Duty, Battlefield

By CCN: As first-person shooters continue to dominate player interest with Call of Duty Blackout, Fortnite, H1Z1, and other battle royale titles taking hold in younger players, Battlefield is rotting in a ditch somewhere. The dev team can save the franchise if they are willing to listen to the community, but their players are frustrated from years of existing in EA's 'freemium hell'. Call of Duty...

Google Reveals Key Details of its 4K 60fps Gaming Challenger Stadia

Google Stadia

By CCN Markets:  Google Stadia will be the first open challenger to dominant Sony or Microsoft in years. Nintendo has always continued in the fringes, ever since its highs in the era of $70 Nintendo 64 games, while Microsoft and Sony have unwittingly built the modern gaming world’s online architecture. The race for the console is on Both have online services. For Microsoft, this alone is a core...

PS5 Versus Xbox 'Project Scarlett' - Which Will Suck Less?

PlayStation, XBOX

By CCN Markets: Console wars return for season five! Who will win the bloody free-for-all this year? The team that sucks less, of course. The main points for each team have been listed below, but they are operating with thin margins to bring their visions to fruition. A comparable gaming PC is projected to be much, much more expensive when compared to the expected launch prices of the PS5 and...

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