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This Campaign is Rewarding UK’s Gamer-Voters with Free Blockbuster Games

Last Updated October 6, 2020 12:44 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated October 6, 2020 12:44 PM
  • The general election of 2019 is getting closer and closer.
  • Many are trying to convince victims of voter apathy to take part.
  • It is encouraging to see such a bipartisan campaign, even if it is likely to make little difference.

The general election is looming over great Britain like a blanket of smog. Encouraging people to get out and vote is common, especially for groups who aren’t traditionally seen as politically active. One such group is gamers, who have recently been the target of a new campaign.

Gamechangers Giveaway  is a new campaign by Elle Osili-Wood, a well-known game industry figure. The idea behind the campaign is for gamers to post selfies of themselves outside of their local polling stations. 1 lucky winner will receive a massive grand prize, while 200 runners up with receive free games.

GameChangers Giveaway - General Election 2019
The original post announcing the competition was a little slim on details, but more is promised to come on Thursday, Dec 12th the actual day of the election. | Source: Twitter 

The Gamechangers Giveaway

The giveaway is a new campaign for the general election 2019. Apparently the giveaway is bipartisan, not suggesting that gamers vote for any particular party. Instead, the campaign exists solely as a way of mobilizing gamers across the UK. The prizes being given away are pretty impressive too.

The winner gets a huge amount of loot. Including 20 games, tickets to EGX Rezzes, a bunch of gaming merch and at least 2 jackets. All of this merch is certainly a massive draw to gamers. Especially since many of the games being given away are insanely popular titles from the past year.

200 runners-up will also get free games for their troubles, taking from a huge list of great games from the past few years. With such a huge array of prizes, the competition is sure to be a massive success. At least, it is likely to get plenty of entries.

Gamers are a sizable group comprising of individuals beyond teenagers and young adults. | Source: REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

Will It Actually Affect the General Election?

The big question is whether or not this will actually encourage people to vote who weren’t already going to. The campaign has a strongly positive reaction from users on Twitter, but most of them seem like they were already going to vote anyway. The competition is just an added bonus to many.

Even if it manages to encourage gamers to vote, it is unlikely to cause any massive upheaval for the general election. Plus, you can technically enter without actually voting. Not that anyone is likely to bother making the trip for the slim chances of winning prizes alone.

So far the tweet  announcing the competition has been liked a few hundred times and retweeted about 70. While those numbers aren’t huge it is at least encouraging to see someone attempting to entice people to vote without telling them who to vote for. No matter what happens, this election can’t possibly be as insane as the last one, can it?